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Thread: Possible female Civilian mod?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gauddlike View Post
    So x and y are the point in the spritesheet that the image in that fromae begins, w and h are the dimensions of that image correct?
    Yes, that is what I have figured out.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gauddlike View Post
    As regx and regy are always roughly the same I would assume they were some kind of visual offset to that frame of the animation.
    For example if frame 15 twitched slightly to one side because of the position of the image in its frame you could use the reg settings to bring it back into alignment.
    What do you think?
    Yes, it look like that.

    Not sure why it has to be used, it would be easier to use a fixed image size, even if the animation files become a litle bigger. Less work, maybee...

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    I have no idea where you could add new civilians to the maps.
    I wonder if they are currently determined in the code rather than from an xml file?

    I think for soldiers you could add a new racial setting for female so that any female names would show up and be allocated a female portrait.
    That wouldn't change the body in the soldier equip screen though, that would need to be added as a flag by the coder I reckon.
    A line in the naming file for each race to allow you to define the soldier image used would do the trick.

    Then if you added your animations as a new set of armour, for example Jackal (female) then anyone given that particular armour type would use your female sprites on the ground combat.
    It works for testing purposes, not great otherwise.
    Another flag would be needed here to limit certain name/race sections from certain armour types maybe?
    Then you can just limit any female names from using the male armour sprites and prevent male names from using the female armour sprites.

    *edit* If a method to block certain armour types was added it would be nice to also be able to block some weapons and equipment.
    That ties in to the "drones as troops" idea on another thread though.
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