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Thread: Kickstarter $200+ tiers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Langy View Post
    Looking at other projects, I expect the final tally to be somewhere between $150k and $400k
    Lol.. yea, id say the final number should be somewhere between 60 and 500k.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost1082 View Post
    Lol.. yea, id say the final number should be somewhere between 60 and 500k.
    I believe the result will be either good or bad. Perhaps average.

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    aim for a million, then sit back and enjoy a year of free updates or Xenonauts 2: the retirement home

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    Lol.. yea, id say the final number should be somewhere between 60 and 500k.
    I was going to go with "the final amount will definitely be a number."

    Xenonauts 2: the retirement home
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    Quote Originally Posted by thothkins View Post
    I was going to go with "the final amount will definitely be a number."
    That is also dividable by pi...

    mmmm pie... ^^

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    Seems like the pledges are plateauing, at this rate the project will finish at about $200k if lucky. The project would most likely benefit from additional high end tiers with some relatively small additional rewards.

    I have a feeling Chris is mistaken in thinking about how much people would be willing to pay for reward X. All people need is some reason to pay a lot more money.

    For instance, I have pledged only $50 because I do NOT want any physical rewards for pledging more. Also, I do not want my face to be a portrait. I could easily pledge over $200 for this project just because I love X-COM and want to support the game and can afford it, but I need some kind of a small incentive to do so.

    It's not about how valuable the higher tiers are, it's just about having some sort of an excuse to support the project more.

    There are a lot of intersting non-physical rewards that are very cost-effective with next to no effort required from your part. Off the top of my head, you could give a free version of the next game / expansion you make if you ever make one at +$100 or pair that with special thanks in ALL future games you make for +300 or +400. Or maybe a beer and an hour long tour of a possible studio with Chris if the pledger ever visits Chris's neighborhood within the next 2 years for +$400 with a signed photograph of you & Crish & the team if the pledger wants one.

    You can gather a lot more money if you want to.
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    I'll bet that people would pay an extra $25.00 to have their least favored 70's politicians show up in an alien abduction notice in the Geoscape. Perhaps in-laws and lawyers too.

    That might reflect poorly on Goldhawk though. It would be funny despite that.

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    I think sell.the female.portraits make 7k And add something to 100 125 and 2 for 150. digital exclusive team photo. Pdf of your favourite artwork. A with thanks page. A bi weekly video diary entry outlining your crazy time. A link to a guided tour of your house.

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    Selling female portraits would look bad now that Chris has said he'd be including a starter set as a feature.

    I was also under the impression that the portrait artist was getting maxed out with work already. If that's not the case I'd suggest offering more slots of the $200.00 option. I'm pretty sure they'd sell as well as they did the first two days.

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    I'd be very happy if the funding reached 205k. I'm kind of doubtful it will but it's hard to predict these things. It would probably need a popular reward item to reach 200k and beyond like a boxed copy but who knows if those would be worth it. Just the time required to ship them (not counting monetary costs) is probably enough to push one's sanity to the brink.

    Yeah, opening the 200$ tier to women would be great if an artist could be found to do additional portraits.


    Apparently there's a site that predicts KS outcomes based on empirical data:

    Oh wait:
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