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    Thread: Forum not remembering your auto-login?

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      Colonel Gazz's Avatar
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      Oct 2011

      Forum not remembering your auto-login?

      I reinstalled Windows this weekend, finally moving up to Win7. (from XP)

      Using Firefox 12, the Xenonauts forum is the only one where I have the problem that I am not automatically logged in when going to the forum.

      User name and password are "remembered" but only insofar that Firefox will auto-complete both fields once I enter the letter "G".
      It obviously saves both values but it doesn't use them to automatically login without that step.

      Anyone have a clue? I sure don't.

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      Beloved Leader Chris's Avatar
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      Oct 2011
      London, UK
      The main workaround seems to be to enter your password incorrectly, then click the "Remember Me" box on the screen it takes you to. It remembers you if you do it that way.
      Chris England - Xenonauts Project Lead

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      I'd been wondering about this. It was annoying me to keep logging in, Thanks!

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