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Thread: Forum Medals?

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    Did you pre-order after the switch to Desura?

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    Guys - if you've premium pre-ordered and got a standard badge, PM me and I'll fix you up. There's a bug in our script that is causing this, sorry about that.
    Chris England - Xenonauts Project Lead

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    Hi guys,

    Pre-order work now, so I can see your game. Standard gift for moment, just for see.

    XCOM/UFO is great game, better game after EliteII for me (I wait Elite4 as messia). But many XCOM remake are not very good, I dont like spirit of UFO:AI, UFO aftermath (and fallow) is partial good (idéas, medias) but not fully playable, UFO:ET is good and above with Bman mod but too repetitive (but see UFO:ET2). UFO:TTS, very good with multiplayer and alien side playable ! But canceled ...

    YOU are my last hope for moment.

    Good luck
    > Diablo : The Hell mod player <

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    Right, I think I figured this out now...or, er did I? Clearly I did, but apparently I also have a reading deficiency. I should've activated the legacy thingy, not the Desura. Oh well, I got a badge at least. I'll work on upgrading it to a shiny one once I get back home :P

    EDIT: Nevermind! It looks like I managed to solve it anyway. Great feature, by the way!
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    Link check...

    EDIT: Successful!

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    Right now I'm rather confused. I received the legacy pre-order email from Desura, and followed the link "the page here" that took me to the Legacy Pre-Order Claim Form. This is where I got lost. The two forms, "User Paypal Address" and "Transaction ID", the first is the email address I have registered with Paypal, correct? But I'm not sure what the second is. I searched my email history, but I can't seem to find "New Subscription Confirmation at" anywhere. I did manage to redeem the game on Desura, and I saw the button labeled "Connect Game" but I'm pretty sure that it's not the right thing to do.

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    did you get two eMails?
    One from paypal about your payment, and an other (before Desura) from chris. Inside the mail from chris is another Transaction ID. That the ID you are looking for and hat to fill into the form

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    I might have gotten two emails, but I can't find the email from Goldhawk Interactive. I remember receiving it, though. I do have the email from paypal, but that's not the email we're looking for.

    Apparently, I'm not alone in this. This thread is all about that.
    It may be worth Chris's time to sticky a thread for the legacy pre-orderers.
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    ZChris13, I see you have a golden badge now. Have you managed to solve your problem?

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    badge test post

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