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    Thread: Let's Play X-COM!

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      Yeah they are just where we want them.
      Devil's Advocate and forum moderator

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      Woo! 20th episode Session 1 finale! The end of session 1 means that I will no longer take names, only on occasion will I pick a name now. Without further ado, here is the 45 minute special :3

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      Hopefully new video today, if not, you know I'm being lazy!

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      Hey all, update!:

      Not many videos will uploaded since schoolschoolschool! But hopefully in the summer it'll be back to normal. Thanks for the patience!

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      And then there was an update!:

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      And then the little one said:

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      Quote Originally Posted by Wolfy View Post
      And then the little one said:

      Err....Isn't this the same as Episode 21....

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      Quote Originally Posted by ChAnKoEr View Post
      Err....Isn't this the same as Episode 21....
      What the heck... um... I'll go see what happened.... crap... :S

      Thats what happens when you take hiatuses... you get stupid.

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      It's ok because you were on break to laugh at me failing at XCOM xD
      Check out the fun (and failure) at my twitch page!

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      Uploading the REAL 23 right now. Sorry 'bout that. Hellstormer was distracting me.

      The video will pop up right here (And yay for post 200!):

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