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    Let's Play X-COM UFO Defense [NEW: Episode #6]

    Hey everyone! I've been somewhat less active here, mostly because of business, and working on a different computer since my main one's display is screwed up :S But in the meantime, I've been inspired to LP! And seeing Xenonauts and other games, I felt the the urge to play, and why not get out my recorder? So here it is- Let's Play: X-COM UFO Defense (UFO: Enemy Unknown).

    If you'd like to keep with the videos more easily, you can
    (1.) Subscribe Here: (Not asking for subscribers, just an easy way to keep with the new videos )
    (2.) Keep an eye here for the latest video (Below. This won't be updated with the latest video immediately, though I will try

    Hopefully, Latest Video:

    Sorry if anyone is bugged by this post! The main reason for it is so I can name people that wish to be named, which seems to be a trait in X-COM Let's Plays. So if you want to, say so in the comments and I will (Anyone that wishes to be named will be named in Episode 3 +)

    - Wolfy :3
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