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Thread: What's the music like?

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    What's the music like?

    How's the music in the game being handled? I watched a few LPs and noticed the more sinister tone of the music (especially when compared to UFO Defense's rather cheesy music). Xenonauts is certainly looking and sounding good. I'd like to know what's been done and if there's anything else coming.

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    Yeah, we've got a composer working on the music. It's meant to be pretty subtle but still tense and I think it's coming on really well - a bit more mature than the X-Com music. There's different music for the geoscape, air combat and ground combat (both day and night) so it should be pretty good. It's been well recieved so far.
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    I really like it. The music was one of the key factors in the original X-com, in terms of amping up the tension and atmosphere, and it does just as good a job here.

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