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    Thread: Other awesome, retro styled games

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      This could be fun.

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      Squaddie Orumo's Avatar
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      Jul 2012
      My non-posted-yet recommendations:

      "Neo-Scavenger", a survival-roleplaying-turn-based adventure:


      "Endless, Nameless", a classic conversational adventure:


      Hope you like them!
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      Resident Scavenger Swe_Racoon's Avatar
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      May 2012
      Regarding MOO2 I think Endless Space is a good spiritual successor, or thereabouts. Certainly the 4X game that has stolen most hours of my life, disregarding MOO2 (MOO3 probably hits rock bottom on that list, just lower than GalCiv).


      It's still in alpha, but playable, as far as I know, but back when I bought it I got it for something like 10€ or thereabouts.

      EDIT: Alright, seems it might have been released. Was a while since I took the time to sit down, been playing Dragon Age again, and my rig has been acting much strange. Also might be worth telling that it does away with turn-based combat, rather using a battle cards system. I myself think the combat system works fine, despite being skeptical in the beginning.
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      Quote Originally Posted by thothkins View Post
      But it nice to pop into such a friendly forum and know that we're all pulling in the same direction. friendship, courtesy and respect. What more could you ask for? Oh, and moonshine in a can... and snus...

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      Quote Originally Posted by Moonie View Post
      This one looks amazing, and should bring back many happy memory's.

      Definitely a fun game. Plus, once they add mod tools, there should be capability for unlimited replay on new adventures.

      Quote Originally Posted by FarZK View Post
      Terraria: http://www.terraria.org/ feels rather old-ish to me, and I've had a blast playing it.
      I had a lot of fun with that, more so than minecraft. Its a similar sandbox with building idea, but a flat 2d world, things I like better than minecraft.
      Quote Originally Posted by anotherdevil View Post
      So here is the Krater site:

      I pre-ordered that on steam and had fun with it. Its definitely worth the asking price if that kinda game interests you.

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      Sergeant ooey's Avatar
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      Jan 2012
      Well I'm currently doing a remake of the classic spectrum ccs game Vulcan.

      This was a really good turn based strategy game (remember them?). It's not just Tunisia that's covered but the whole of wwii(!). Anyone interested? Mind you, it's some way off being finished.

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      ***** Based Madman
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      Jul 2012
      Planetary anihilation they ae dong a kickstarter as I type! It's an rts game c and c escaut go check it out it seems awsome!


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      Nuke It From Orbit! Corporal Hicks's Avatar
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      May 2012
      Wow thx so much for the Neo Scavenger tip!!

      I preorderered and Im playing the beta, AWESOME GAME!!! My new addiction!!

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      Commander Jean-Luc's Avatar
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      Oct 2011
      Anyone getting Inquisitor?: http://www.gog.com/en/gamecard/inquisitor

      Looks interesting but I'd like some player testimony first.

      It's supposed to be a dark, gritty, dark ages setting with fantasy elements where you play an Inquisitor rooting out heretics, maleficars and other such undesirables. Gameplay seems to be old school arpg a la Diablo or Divine Divinity but with a lot more emphasis on story, conversations and detective work (searching for evidence and witnesses to foul deeds). You can even use medieval torture devices during questioning and, if I undestood correctly, it's also up to you to burn those sentenced of said crimes.
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      WishfullThinker Gorlom's Avatar
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      Dec 2011
      That can't be hard. just pick anyone at random and start blaming them loudly enough and there comes enough sheepish "good" witnesses out of the woodwork to sentence Mother Mary.

      I must say I find the choice of theme quite odd. It's a rather dark and undesired time/aspect of Christian history for the most part, isn't it? I would have expected that to be more of a balance act then it appears to have been. Or at least replaced Christianity with something else... Maybe they have replaced the countries or something and that is why it works?
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      Commander Jean-Luc's Avatar
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      Oct 2011
      I'm not sure if it's actually Christianity or some differently named fantasy version of it. And while the game tries to be "authentic" in terms of its medieval setting, I don't think it's historical in the sense that it happens in a real contemporary country.

      It's an Eastern European (Czech) game and, like The Witcher, it has an affinity for this kind of dirty low fantasy hence the "odd theme". It's refreshing if nothing else.
      "This is a primitive culture. I am here to facilitate its incorporation"

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