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  1. No talking, I'll just upload the minipatch to Steam
  2. I don't have access to that now. Check gameconfig.xml, there should be a section with a variable for it. xenonautBaseRetakeInterval, or xenonautBaseRetakeWindow, something like that. Possible that I missed adding it to the modding guide and so it's only as some note somewhere I of course do not remember the finer details but the idea is that a lost Xenonaut base turns into an alien base, and then if you attack that base successfully within X hours (defined in the xml), you get the base back. Personnel are killed and airplanes destroyed though. This is a good idea. I suppose it's also a good idea for one more small release that is only bugfixes perhaps.
  3. Works in the miniupdate I posted somewhere though, right? Works as far as I know. In a future version if there is one
  4. Well, last I checked you still have a lot of work to do with X:CE 0.34.2, so keep fighting
  5. Maybe I am taking a well-deserved winter vacation?
  6. It's honestly hard to say. There was a startup crash for WinXP a while ago, which I fixed. I have never tried Xenonauts on XP so I have no personal experience - perhaps someone else is running XP and can confirm one way or another. Windows XP has been essentially unsupported since 2009, and entirely unsupported for the last 2.5 years. Regardless of Xenonauts, I'd strongly suggesting upgrading to a current Linux or Windows version.
  7. Well, to be more clear - actual ground combat autoresolve would also mean handling soldier experience (and injuries / deaths), in addition of course to items, and implementing such an autoresolve needs code changes. And I don't see myself implementing that.
  8. You can ask in the modding forum... it wouldn't be difficult to put a mod like that together by yourself, especially if you describe what you want in a bit more detail. For instance you could easily make all research and manufacture take half the time. I don't see how having less UFOs would make the game significantly faster, you don't have to assault all of them anyway.
  9. I can't see this being implemented. Ground combat is the central part of the game. Without it, you're left with a base-building game that's quite easy to figure out and a mediocre air combat minigame. The airstrike feature is in the game so you can have some gains when you choose not to go on combat missions.
  10. I'l take that up privately.
  11. Solver's not working on much of anything right now.
  12. I don't care. It's cosmetic graphical stuff that is at the absolute bottom of my priority list, and probably the skill list as well. Just about every other known issue is more important.
  13. I don't care about the animation bug really. It affects nothing important, may be a vanilla bug as well, and isn't worth the effort for sure.
  14. In ufocontents, your aliens look like Scuttler_Warrior_Aggressive, right?
  15. From my perspective, this would be good to fix not specifically because of these burst aliens but rather undesirable effects such as in X-Div with drones/androns, etc.