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  1. Given that the game is in 3D now, what about some super sweet camera pans? I don't know what "super sweet" means here, but some cinematic panning showing the edge of the fog of war would be neat.
  2. I think the XCOM2012 robotic unit transformations were a good way to make the player think "oh wtf is happening". Having androns transform when they engage in their melee kamekazi mode could both look cool and tell the player to back off.
  3. Your logic is valid, but your premise is unsound. Your mistake is using what is known about X2, because the game is in the design stage and none of these things are concrete.
  4. I really like the idea of buffs and debuffs. Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced 2 (as well as other games I'm sure) used this to a good effect; you could beserk people, blind them, poison, immobilize, or buff their attack, speed, etc. I like the idea of enemies being overpowered, but that the clever use of buffs and debuffs leveling the playing field. It opens a new dimension of battle. With it comes the classic "Androns don't get de/buffs" and "Reapers are only affected by certain de/buffs". I think having all of these de/buffs in the game would be jarring or hard to explain, but a good lot of them could fit.
  5. @TrashMan, have you seen the movie Imitation Game? In it, the British government is funding the creation of a code breaking machine, and "MI6" comes in to supervise, which shocks everyone because the government has no "MI6". Members of government don't know there is an MI6. It influenced WWII, which is arguably a pretty global affair. So it's been established in fiction that global organizations can be funded by government yet not be known by said government. Presumably, this team is small; Alan Turing and his team in the movie are small, yet shaved years off the war. So fiction again establishes that a small group can exert global influence. So I don't see the issue with a small Xenonauts staff being a global organization while also remaining secret, even to the very people funding them. @PabloQ, I really like a lot of the ideas you bring; it provides logical reasons to a lot of the oddities in XCOM-like games. It sounds like it could be its own game, having a much heavier weight put on diplomacy than currently this these games. I would no doubt enjoy playing it! The idea of having several small strike teams rubbed me the wrong way, but having small strike teams is a consequence of having a soldier stress system, so really it's only enforcing that you play by having an A team, and a B team.
  6. I enjoyed in LW1 the distinction between grenades meant to destroy cover and grenades meant to destroy units, and I like your idea of having blast radii so large that units need to throw from cover in order to not get hurt.
  7. A stray thought, but what if throwing items triggered reaction fire? I always figured the trade off with grenades was exposing yourself to incoming fire.
  8. Maybe it would be extra effective at night, giving another reason to actually do night missions
  9. "Timed missions" could also be explained by the Xenonauts needing to be gone before they are "seen". Maybe aliens are infiltrating a Soviet nuclear power plant, and detection would lead to them to assume that the Americans were spying, increasing political tension. So the Xenonauts teleport in, dispatch the aliens and save the day, then get out before anyone notices. Regarding the arrival of soldiers; if a soldier stress system is implemented (I am sure teleportation can have side effects!), then keeping soldiers in reserves could make sense in that regard. I think how the Xenonauts know to be teleported on the ground and not in the ground is a minor detail that might not have to be addressed; it could also be used to explain why vehicles aren't sent in... sort of. Both mechanics of porting in and out soldiers could be balanced by requiring time to power-up the translocator. Keeping it prep'd could strain the machine too long, so when people want to get out, they have to let HQ know and it could take a turn or two to get out. These numbers could also be improved by research.
  10. How did office communicate in the 60s? Could there be a "memos" tab, which would incorporate the science reports, as well as any other staff reports?
  11. The shadow war/open war fits well with the DEFCON idea. Sort of; there are a few too many variables at play.
  12. In an effort to get the thread back on its tracks, that other thread about the secret war would be a better place to discuss that. This thread is more about discussing how the translocator can be used.
  13. I think there is merit in having some of the named scientists develop psi abilities
  14. Terror missions might be mid to late game events that can really destabilize a campaign, given that even if people were convinced it was the other super power, it's a pretty big deal. Regarding crackpots sighting UFOs, they will still be regarded as crackpots. Just like today.
  15. Don't worry, if you want a game that has all the same elements as the classic XCOM games, go play the classic XCOM games using openxcom; it's a very well done remake.