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  1. Tricked by a spambot? My honor is forefit. I must commit sudoku!
  2. Jagged Alliance 2. nuff said.
  3. Backed it even tough it's unlikely I'll ever finish that game. I SUCK at playing bad guys. I have practically never managed to finish a game playing one. Now if you were force of good (ancient spirit, angel, weak, forgotten god, etc..) and have to do reverse (try to steer nad influence hereos nad ings and events to stop the Old Ones) that would be epic...for me at least.
  4. Already backed it. Love the concept.
  5. Wait..wasn't I part of this assault? Also, why do you keep shooting over your people instead of moving them?
  6. Exhilirating, isn't it?
  7. You can never have enough killing of extraterrestirals.
  8. Where is the second me?
  9. Saw it coming a mile away. My shield was damaged, I had low HP and you bunched us up so close to the aliens. Smoke was useless against sebs anyway. In situations like those, spamming stun gas is the best solution. Or missiles.
  10. And if TrashMan snuffs it... Hm..the replacment.... Exterminatus. Waste Disposal. Anal Probe. Phoenix. Or TrashMan Mk2.
  11. Final stats:
  12. FINALE:
  13. Fend, make me a commando. Rifle, shotty (1 extra mag for each) and a few nades.
  14. Operation Endgame is a go. We launched a final assault on the alien dreadnought in an attempt to assasinate the High Preator. It was a one-way ticket... unless we destroy the two power cores, which will trigger the emergency protocol and enable escape pods. But those cores are defended and require a de-tour. And reapers from the lower decks are coming. I recorded the mission, but the game crashed at the very end, after the result screen. It seems to have messed up the recording, so I might have to re-do the mission. Trying to covnert the footage now and see if it will play.
  15. Part 54 & 55: