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  1. "power" does not have a singular narrow definition of "more damage". Going from UV lasers to X-Ray lasers may give more damage. Or just better armor penetration. On a "bounce" effect. An upgrade can bring in new possibilities and advantages and uses, without being necessarily a strict damage output increase. Ballistics weapons - for example - have the advantage of different ammo types. Do you bring AP rounds? FMJ? Incendiary? Mix and match?
  2. You can write whatever you want Chris, but I (and the rest of the player/fans) can only draw conclusions based on information that is available to us. The premise, as it currently stands is: 1) Aliens can't take on the combined human armies - this puts a limit to their technologies. If they can hide themselves from our radars, can easily infiltrate our ranks and posses travel, defense and offense capabilites far above us, then the first premise fails. 2) How good they are at disguises, I can't really tell. You can say "it's magic" and it would be an explanation. But there has to be a limit. At the first hint of infiltration, any sane government would initiate strict tests to important personnel (blood samples, DNA tests), which is why the changeling/plastic surgery concept of iniltration never sat well with me. They are alien and their body language and biological processes will be different, there WILL be tells. It makes far more sense to simply have human traitors that willingly work for the aliens (for personal gain or ideological reasons). It might add a bit more suspense, as you could even have traitors in some missions - for example, local military force turns against you suddenly. As for the "a dozen soldiers and three or four jet planes stop the entire might of an interstellar alien civilisation" - it's only like that if you make it like that. If xenonauts are not the entire spear, but the tip of the spear, then it's not just a dozen soldiers? If it's made clear that the rest of the world is not sitting idly, then there is no problem. Everyone is fighting - you're basically Special Forces, leading the way. If it's not the entire alien interstellar civilization, but a rag-tag remnant? A tiny scout fleet? Tiny changes can have big effects.
  3. How about this: salvaged engines from a early crashed UFO (ala the Iceland Incident) on your dropship - thus you only have one. You can't replicate the tech yet. "But TrashMan, what about when you capture an UFO? Shouldn't the Xenonauts be able to take out the engines and use them?", you say Easy enough to explain: the aliens changed the engines in the meantime, ensuring some components are unusable (self-destruct) - at least until your scientists figure out how to make their own replacements.
  4. I'm using what is known about X2 so far and logic/common sense. IF you think I made a mistake, point it out.
  5. 1) They're not human, so they stand out. And there's a big limit on mind control - both range, LOS and how long you can keep it up. I can see local traitors/fanatics/cultists working for the aliens, but they would be limited in number and can't infiltrate everything. 2) Don't Xenonauts are using local terrestrial radar stations to track UFO's? And if UFO's are not detectable by our equipment, then the aliens can bomb our infrastructure, cities and places of power with impunity.
  6. What about regular grenades? Are you removing them completely? Why would you think lobing grenades over a wall is a bad thing? Dammit Chris, don't go all the fake difficulty BS on us. I've seen far too many games fail because of devs wanting their game to be "hard".
  7. This is the only "power" I'm interested in humans having:
  8. OR, you can program the AI to NOT be all-knowing
  9. Multiple reasons: 1) atmosphere 2) risk managment - if you don't have a easy "save me" button, you have to do a fighting retreat. You might also have to choose someone to delay/buy time for the others to retreat. You simply don't have that heroic last stand/sacrifice moments with a translocator 3) such situations should be there. You shouldn't have sent that soldier alone (always go in teams). No sane commander makes plans counting on everytihng to go right. You always have a backup. Thus, before you sent in one soldier for a point-blank shot, be sure another one can also take a shot in case the first misses. However, I see a possible compromise - like the nu-Com did it. The dropship there doesn't actually land, it hovers. And you can call it in on any part of the map with enough room. You still need to get your soldiers out, but the distance is shorter. You also don't have to have a fixed starting location or a "landed" dropship model. Frankly, I'd even add a 1 turn delay when you call a dropship - that way you can move soldeirs in position, but you can't evac them immediately. It also makes sense as the dropship have to move in position. Translocator as the final "dropship" makes sense to me, as it truly is the pinnacle of travel speed - you can't go faster than instantanouous - but a dropship has mechanical points in it's favor. From travel and timing planing to aditional tactical options. for example: upgrade slot: boosters for faster travel, sensor pod to reveal map at start(for og was still there), weapon pod for close air support, medical pod for increased chance of a soldier being wounded instead of dying, etc...
  10. You bring a good point. Xenonauts is supposed to be a GLOBAL organization, from people all over the world. During the cold war. And the aliens are secret. Do you see the issues here? If Xenonauts is global, then all major nations know about their actions (since they are funding them) and the aliens. It would make more sense for Xenonauts to be more like a PMC - unaligned and unkown - or allied to one power block in the beginning.
  11. So the Xenonauts can use the translocator to permanently destroy the aaay ability to teleport away? Do they even need to teleport then, if they can just "lock on" to disrupt. Wait..can't the aays do the same then? Completely wreck the Xenonauts ability to teleport back (or in)? It's the alien technology, surely they should understand it better than humans. Oh, one thing about the Snap-back that occured to me - it makes retreats too easy. With dropships there is tactical elements and risks, because you have a clear point to retreat too. This also mean a risk of loosing equipment and wounded. I can't say I like the idea of pressing a bottun when things to south and everyone being safe.
  12. Teleportation as a PSI power sounds too OP, and also redundant (given the Translocator). Clayvorance sounds OK. Danger Sense could be as simple as a warning icon when you are spotted by an enemy (even if you don't see him), maybe even with a general direction "pulse" so you roughly know from where you are sensing danger.
  13. Out of curiosity - how long does that effect last? How long can the Xenonauts block the aays signal? Does that active blocking cost energy?
  14. That's because there's no penalty for waiting really. Add in consequences for the passage of time and you'll see players taking more risks.
  15. If I'm understanding Severus , then he's making the same point I did - time managment. This is tied to turn-based geospace, but translocator affects it to. With a dropship, you have more variables to keep track of. ETA, fuel consumption, alien UFOs in the vicinity. You also pay attention to time of day and your fighters in-flight. We're talking about managment of TIMING on a larger scale and in minute details (for example, you can launch a fighter/dropship that is half-armed and half-fueled simply by timing). If the geospace is RT then that is less of an issue, but the translocator itself completely removes some of the contemplations for earlier games. I'm fine with it for end game, since the logical culmation of better dropships and smaller ETA is 0 eta.