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  1. HMmm....maybe. I for one don't think the player needs to have everything spelled out for him (like hit chances. Good old guesswork works fine), but I?m probably the minority here. But what about the other thing I said? About running and crouching? It should be trivial to implement and it does what you want.
  2. Different kinds of scope, M8. reflex scope (+reaction), night vision scope (+detection ragne at night), 8x magnification scope(+acc at long range) or 4x scope(+acc at mid-range), etc... Basically, one scope might be better for long range, one might be for close range, one is extremely light and perfect for hip shooting, other for night operations, etc.. I'm against artificial restriction to force CHOICE when I have CHOICE without them.
  3. I don't see a need for UFO's to be fully desructible, given that they would probably be very heavily armored (especially the big ones) an that you wouldn't WANT to breach trough any part anyway (fuel storage, critical equipment that you want to salvage, etc..) There will always be several prefered entry points.
  4. That's up in the air. I guess different wounds would have different healing rate? If different body parts have their own HP value and chance to be hit (depending on size), then you can use that + some randomness to generate wounds. So, if your arm/leg has 100 HP it is fine. Any hit that brings it below 50HP has a chance to roll a wound (or it would be an automatic wound) If the limb reaches 0HP, it becomes unusable. The torso is the most heavily armored part of the body and the easiest to hit. If it reaches 0 HP the Xenonaut either dies or is unconcious. A wound to the leg would cause reduced mobility (not lower TU, but tile movement penalty), reduced carry weight. An unusable leg gives a big penalty to both. A wound to the arm would cause reduced accuracy and throw distance. An unusable arm makes use of heavy weapons impossible. Regular two-hand weapon can still be used with one hand, but at a massive penalty. Wound to the head may cause confusion, dizzines (reduced reactions and accuracy, possiblity that a xeonanuts does something random, usually moving) or could knock-out a Xenonaut temporarily. Torso wounds may reduce TU (breathing impaired), cause pain (gut shot)
  5. You are wrong. Everything happening in 24 hour intervals and things happening organically are very different, as you increase the number of things. Because granularity. soldier may recover in 6 hours, new gun is ready in 12 hours, new interceptor in 20 hours. This gives you choice. Go for gun, go for interceptor? Split engineering job and go for both? Timing and time menagment becomes a thing in itself, which doesn't exist in your case.
  6. It would all depend on where you were hit, and how hard. Just because you are hit in the arm doesn't mean the arm will be mangled - only if the damage after armor is big enough. You could very easily be hit several times and still be at 100% efficiency...or you could have really back luck and have a crippled xenonaut. The Red Fog option had a simple "lower HP = lower effectivness" implementation. This is not it. In other words - a Xenonaut with 10-20% HP left might still not have a single crippling wound.
  7. Fire support sounds good. The dropship could lift off once the troops disembark and dissapear, loitering in the air above. You can call it back to land AT THE SAME SPOT at any time. You can also go with the new X-Com way of grappling up/down via rope/crane, without having the actual dropship land on the ground. This also mean you can call it in to "land" (hover above) on different locations. There are many possibilities: - equipping it with a gun allows you to call in fire support (there has to be an associated cost, a limit or a cooldown. Possibly all 3.) - equipping it with sensor equipment allows better view of the battlefield and alien detection - equipping it with a medivac module increases the chance for troops to be criticialy wounded rather than die.
  8. Shouldn't possible crew combos depend on the craft? I don't see the "zoo" as a problem if it's a big ship or a transport
  9. I don't see notifications and "things not arriving at the base at the same time" as negatives. They just...are.
  10. Wraiths - do heatshots or stuns/daze states prevent fading?
  11. There was a mod for Xenonauts 1 that basically added option 2. As long as you add enough breach points, it's a good compromise.
  12. I really don't mind either way. Personally, I see nothing wrong with human not having psionics, it give it more of a "Humanity, fuck yeah!" vibe as we win trough sheer creativity, determination and grit, rather than matching aleins
  13. I'm afraid I can't agree. While not everything translates, combat is combat. Humans move and operate like humans, regardless whom they are fighting (and most alines are humanoid). The similarities to JA2 are plenty - small teams (3 6-man teams in JA2), tactical ground battles against powerful enemies. The advancement in JA2 comes from pick ups, loot and time, and in Xenonauts from pickups and research, but the basics are the same - progresively better equipment. While weapon attachments don't HAVE to be in, a robust inventory system is a MUST. The JA2 approach removes inventory tetris, while still maintaining flexibility and being believalbe, which is why I'm advocating for that one.
  14. I don't mind stress. Add proper amor/injury system and you're golden. A comprehensive armor and limbs/body scheme would add to the depth of the game and produce more interesting scenarios and heroic stories. In X1, there was little difference between a heavily injured xenonaut and a full health one. Here, the difference would be visible and would affect tactical decisions. And it's not even that difficult to implement - it's 3D, so shot direction is easily calculated. All you need is to define body parts and how likely they are to be hit depending on surface area - and you can go even further by chance to hit a body part depending on facing(if you're to the left of a guy and are shooting him, chances are you're gonna hit his left arm and it's almost impossible to hit his right arm) Let me give you an example using some butchered Rimworld code: <BodyDef> <defName>Human</defName> <corePart> <def>Human_Body</def> <height>Middle</height> <depth>Outside</depth> <parts> <li> <def>Torso</def> <coverage>0.5</coverage> <HP_percent>0.5</HP_percent> <height>Top</height> <depth>Outside</depth> </li> <li> <def>RightArm</def> <coverage>0.05</coverage> <HP_percent>0.2</HP_percent> <height>Top</height> <depth>Outside</depth> </li> <li> <def>LeftArm</def> <coverage>0.05</coverage> <HP_percent>0.2</HP_percent> <height>Top</height> <depth>Outside</depth> </li> <li> <def>RightLeg</def> <coverage>0.05</coverage> <HP_percent>0.3</HP_percent> <height>Top</height> <depth>Outside</depth> </li> <li> <def>LeftLeg</def> <coverage>0.05</coverage> <HP_percent>0.3</HP_percent> <height>Top</height> <depth>Outside</depth> </li> </parts> <BodyDef> The beauty of this is obvious - it is very simple, and yet you can go autisctically deep with this, adding internal organs, specific fingers, etc... The toughenss of each body part can be defined in may ways - as percentage of soldier HP (tougher soldiers have stronger limbs too) or a fixed value, or every part would have the maximum HP value the soldier has Within this, you could also define functions of body parts - a simple addition like: <affects>mobility</affects> and <affects>carry</affects> added to a leg would mean that leg injury would reduce both mobility and carry capacity. It also means modders can easily add more things. Even from a mechanical standpoint, it's simple - calculate if a shot is a hit, if it is, roll to see what body part has been hit based on the coverage value (torso would be 50% to hit, head 10-20%, etc..). Heck, you can even add aimed targeting to this system easily - it wold simply be a flat bonus (let's say 20%) to hit the boy part you selected So now instead of Pvt. Bob being hit twice and still running a marathon, we have private Bob who's armor has been breached and lost use of an arm and has a heavily burnt leg. He shoots his rifle one-handed as he limps to cover, drop it since he can't hit jack s***, and kills the alien with a grenade/pistol. Note that this would also cause players to have secondary teams and replacements out of necessity - not only does healing take time, but wounded units simply do not perform well. Normally, people would bring soldiers with 50% health on missions, but give them heavy armor or use them as pack mules. But now you have a solider that is limping so is slowing everyone else down, can't carry as much or isn't as accurate until he recovers. Proper injuries and stress would work wonder in creating a proper need for multiple teams