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  1. No pictures? not even of the Xenonaut vehicles? allmywat.jpg
  2. Why not throw out the soundtrack and artbook as digital downloads? Presupposing they're done, that is.
  3. Yes, I think Mercy's variant of the new UI is the best one yet, should make it official.
  4. It got the funding with 6 hours left. Sui Generis
  5. I got this email today from the Logic Factory, they admit a sequel to Ascendancy, have a look:
  6. They already failed the first crowd source at gameplant, and it looks like they're failing this one as well. To think the fans did more PR on numerous websites then the devolpers, tragic.
  7. This is getting interesting: DLC hints in defaultEngine.ini Someone claims to have found this in the above file: ; DLC Script Packages (if needed in editor) ;+Package=DLC_PreOrder ;+Package=DLC_PackIn ;+Package=SeasonPass ;+Package=DLC_Day060 ;+Package=DLC_Day090 ;+Package=DLC_Day120
  8. It could be that, althrough there was an interesting discussion about the end game here: (SPOILERS!) XCOM end game discussion (SPOILERS!) Yep, I want new hardware as well,
  9. Anybody else seen this? XCOM DLC Achivements? I like what the last one says, "complete portent" where the word looks like a big hint for a sequel. What does the word portent mean?
  10. The Reddit AMA has started: The Nexus 2 AMA with producer Vincent van Diemen (Nexus2ks) In related news: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU....
  11. The lead designer basically said as much, and the entire game has been designed around consoles. Witness the pop in textures, the painfully crap demo controls meant for gamepads only etc. I think it's damn boring when I know every map I enter has always got cover I can reach in a single movement turn, where's the tension in that? It's dumbed down design for the lazy.
  12. It's not looking hopeful. The devs don't even have a proof of concept and are damn lazy when it comes to PR. Kicktraq Trend Nexus 2
  13. The "silent snipers" in the dark were great fun, and it makes sense, as I think they'd notice a king size VTOL dropship landing right next to them, and decide to set up an ambush. And free targeting was great too, I liked spray and pray using hi-ex *nods* I called it months ago being a console port, and was right. That said, the game mods will probably give us a more X-Com classic type game soon enough. Yeah, I find the cover to cover dynamic annoying, it seems like a friday job there.
  14. Good choice, you can probably do their paint scheme in XCOM if you're a pre-order buyer using the Elite Soldier Pack DLC. I'm doing mine up in yellow and red trim ASAP. PS: Buy a copy of Space Marine by Ian Watson, it's easily top 10 best books of 40K, it got me started on the Imperial Fists.