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  1. The development team frequently takes screenshots or gifs of issues we're experiencing in the game to help the coders debug potential issues. Some of them made us smile, so maybe they'll make you guys smile too! We'll update this thread over time, posting any new gifs in new posts but also updating the original post. WARNING - there is a lot of large files in this thread, so be careful if you've got limited data. Alien Takeover: Guess we could use this as the loss screen! (missing texture bug) Dance of Death: I have literally no idea what's going on here, but it's strangely mesmerizing... Dead Man Walking: So when we first enabled hit points, we unfortunately forgot to remove player control of dead units. Death From Above (and Below): We've got a debug mode that does 1000 damage to the cursor target. Unfortunately, it would sometimes overpenetrate the target and also destroy the ground. Dual Wield: It seems this sneaky Psyon wanted double the normal firepower. After taking heavy casualties, the Xenonauts started accepting pretty much anyone. Drone Strike: While we were preparing our slides for the Rezzed presentation, the Psyon Drones started T-posing for some reason. Who said being an alien was no fun? Space Garden: this was an early incarnation of the main menu screen failing to disappear when you loaded the ground combat. The result - a beautiful orbital garden! Landscaping: continuing with loading errors, the Xenonauts apparently decided their Command Room needed some landscaping. Bone-itis: Our first attempt to put death animations in the game went badly, but watching your troops die an agonizing death turned out to be pretty funny. kill.mp4 Danse Macabre: Another issue with the death animations made for some more light relief in the office. Frolic: The dastardly alien plan is revealed - they've come to frolic in our meadows! Psyon Infiltrators: Our artist did a mockup of how he thought an alien infiltration team might look. WTF? This is an example of the kind of random bug we need to deal with on a daily basis. Retinal Detachment: Movable eyes are useful if you want to render a cutscene, but they do sometimes cause issues of their own. Xenonaut Officer: This was a quick attempt to add a uniformed Xenonaut officer to the main menu command center screen. You can probably see why he didn't make the cut. Epic Death: sometimes (not often) the freeze-frame feature captures something that looks awesome rather than awful! Confusion: The best part is the unhelpful team-mate in the background... Fragdolls: I can't help but notice the poor Psyon Drones come in for a lot of punishment ... they travel all this way only to end up collapsed against a fence! Trick Shot: Inverse Kinematics is great ... until it's really not great. Windmill: Think sneaking up behind an alien is a good idea? Think again! (This is another issue with the inverse kinematics at short range)
  2. This new version of Xenonauts 2 is a free public test build, released free because it is still an early build and we don't yet think we can justify charging for it; full details on where to get the build can be found in this thread. The next update is due on Tuesday 9th May, although if necessary we will also release hotfixes for any game-breaking bugs encountered in this build. The last two weeks included both the Easter public holidays and the release of a hotfix for the previous build with a pretty extensive changelog of its own, so we've got a pretty decent haul of changes to report given the short timeframe! FEATURES: New Maps: There's three new maps in the game, each with its own new UFO design. Each has been swapped into four different biomes, giving a total of twelve new maps for you to enjoy. Improved Alien Spawns: We've added basic support for aliens with different AI scripts - e.g. passive aliens that will lurk outside the UFO, aggressive aliens that will hunt you outside the UFO, aliens that will stay in certain regions of the UFO, etc. Because the AI is quite limited at the moment, this works best on larger maps (on smaller maps the passive aliens start close enough to your soldiers that they immediately start acting aggressively anyway) but it'll pay big dividends when we upgrade the AI in a month or two. Wall Transparency: In Xenonauts 1 walls went semi-transparent when units and the cursor moved behind them, making it much easier to move around inside UFOs and buildings. A rough version of this system has been implemented and can be seen in action on the outer hulls of UFOs. The system still has lots of limitations that we're working to improve though - it doesn't yet have a radius around the unit, it doesn't work on diagonal walls and corners, it doesn't work on internal walls etc. Next iteration should be a lot more polished. Custom Camera Rotation: You can now specify the camera rotation angle in the game options. Default is still 90 degrees, but you can set it to anything you want. VISUAL UPDATES: The Arid biome now has its own custom fence, wall and road barrier models and we've tweaked the road textures and plants a bit too. The idea is that each biome will eventually have its own unique set of equivalent models rather than just being palette swaps of the same ones. Aliens now always have a red circle around their tile, making them easier to see. The soldier health bar now accurately reflects damage taken and the amount of health that is available to be healed. Fixed up a "jerk" in the soldier movement animations that happened after each tile of movement. Improved the visual effect of a stack of damage numbers fading out (e.g. from an LMG burst). Fixed an issue with line of sight incorrectly passing through diagonal UFO walls / corners. Fixed hand positions for aliens when firing their weapons. You no longer get bleeding wound notifications for damage that kills the victim outright. BUGFIXES: Aliens no longer receive unlimited overwatch attacks. Crouched units that start to move, but then spot an alien and interrupt it before they actually get a chance to move, no longer uncrouch anyway. Fixed a bug that was making the AI more passive than intended. Fixed a weird bug where a unit was able to diagonally shoot around a corner unless there was a unit standing there, in which case it was not able to shoot the unit. Fixed another bug where the fire path was incorrectly tagging cover that was not in the fire path. UNINTENTIONAL BONUS "FEATURE": Looks like the release includes some of our extra debug text in it for some reason, showing the suppression and armour damage inflicted on units when shots are fired. It's not worth recompiling the builds just to remove it so we'll leave it in until the next release ... I guess maybe take the opportunity to see if suppression is working as intended? I think that's a pretty decent changelog for what was essentially only one week of work. There's more bank holidays coming up in the next two weeks but I think we'll still be able to deliver a decent update for the 9th May - please let us know if you encounter any bug so we can fix them up too! A quick note about the strategy layer - this week we started work on the first parts of the ground combat / geoscape link, so hopefully it won't be too long until we can have both parts of the game working properly together
  3. Glad you're enjoying it. There's still plenty more graphical improvements and gameplay improvements for us to add, so it's nice to know that people are having fun even at this relatively early stage!
  4. Yeah, it wasn't exactly naysaying that was the problem - criticizing the ideas put forwards was fine provided people engaged properly with them. Anyway over the past few days I've come to realise we did indeed gain some rather useful feedback from the various threads. I'm still inclined to keep the threads closed until playable versions of some of the mechanics discussed start arriving, because I guess most of what there is to be said has already been said ... but we did read the comments people made in all of the threads and our ideas have evolved and changed as a result of many of them. Maybe it was all worthwhile after all?
  5. We've decided to hide the threads in this subforum as we feel they are acting in counterproductive manner. The original intention for these forums was for us to outline a whole bunch of different ideas for potential changes to the game. The idea was that people would first suggest improvements or changes to improve these rough ideas, and then we'd implement them in the game and the community would help us by testing the ideas against what we had in the original Xenonauts. If these new ideas were an improvement then we'd stick with the new ideas, and if they turned out to be less fun than the old ideas then we'd revert to what we had in the original Xenonauts. Unfortunately, threads with important but unambiguously "good" changes (e.g. improved map randomisation) that we specified were definitely happening got very little attention, whereas those with potentially controversial changes that we simply wanted to evaluate attracted a lot of anger. This became a problem due to the sheer number of people posting comments that were some kind of variation on "I really don't like this idea, and therefore I've lost all interest in playing or buying Xenonauts-2." I'm guessing that in most cases those people assumed the threads represented confirmed changes for Xenonauts-2 rather than just being things we'd like to test. But I think putting these ideas out there in forums posts may just have been a bad idea anyway - it's human nature to focus on the negatives when things change, and reading a new idea in text form doesn't necessarily allow everyone to fully appreciate the fun / interesting aspects of it. However, everyone had played Xenonauts 1 and therefore they were able to fully appreciate the fun / interesting aspects of the systems that were being replaced ... which was an unfortunate asymmetry. In any case, I've come to the conclusion that these threads are harming rather than helping the project and we will therefore be hiding them until the mechanic being discussed is available in the public builds. Here's the key facts to take away from this: Nothing you previously read on these sub-forums was a 100% confirmed final feature in Xenonauts-2 (at most, it was confirmed we would test them). The combat missions in X2 will be largely unchanged from X1 other than better graphics, better maps, and a few small tweaks. The strategy layer will initially contain pretty much exactly the same functionality as the X1 strategy layer; where it does not we can easily revert to the X1 strategy layer if we want to. Any changes to the Xenonauts 1 formula will go through community testing before they get approved for Xenonauts-2, and not all of the ideas in the threads that previously existed in this forum will even make it that far (this may apply even if I argued strongly for them). We were always planning to keep the majority of the game as "Xenonauts 1 but better", but I guess it was easy to lose sight of that when you read twenty or thirty posts that each contains a significant proposed change. Anyway, we're going to stop talking about any proposed changes to the game at this point; for now our focus is just producing a HD version of Xenonauts 1 in Unity so we've got a working game in which to try any new mechanics we decide to implement. We can then start discussing the new mechanics as they are implemented, so players can test them and give direct feedback .... rather than me trying to explain how it all works through words, which obviously isn't working very well
  6. Oh - you'd like to be able to call in additional Xenonaut soldiers from your base that would arrive at the battle after a delay? That is not a planned feature, but it could be possible. It would need some kind of disadvantage, otherwise players would just call in extra soldiers at the start of every mission and then do the mission with 2x the normal number of soldiers.
  7. Glad you enjoyed the mission and thanks for the general feedback; we'll take a look through your bug reports and investigate them. On the quoted point though, you should already be able to press Spacebar to stop a soldier mid-move just like you could in X1.
  8. It would be kinda unfair on the aliens if you just blew up them up with fighter jets instead of using your soldiers, wouldn't it?
  9. So it turns out the build we put out yesterday had some pretty big bugs in it - good thing we didn't get any press coverage for it, eh? Anyway, we've put together a quick hotfix that addresses a bunch of the issues. A lot of the gameplay bugs were caused by relatively small issues that we could correct at short notice, so here's the changelog: FEATURES: Fog-of-War Toggle: By default, the fog of war (but not shroud) is now disabled and aliens pop into existence when in vision like they do in classic X-Com and Jagged Alliance games. However, you can hold down the V key to temporarily display the view cones of your soldiers at any time, or press the "eye" icon on the UI (replaces the old roof icon) to put the fog of war back on ... one click and you're back to how it used to work! Camera Shake: We've been discussing in the office how to make the shooting feel a bit more visceral, so we've updated the muzzle flash and added a little camera shake when weapons fire (most obvious with the LMG). See whether you like it or not. Starting Area Reveal: We've automatically revealed a small area around each soldier at the start of the mission, so the shroud is not pushed right up against your units. We'll likely expand this radius a bit more for the next build, as the intention is to reveal nearby cover without having to waste TU looking for it first. BUGFIXES: Fixed shots effectively not being able to miss - all damage dealt by a shot / burst would be deal to the target, no matter what the bullets hit! Overwatch now works again. Fixed all aliens starting at 100 Stun HP rather than whatever their starting normal HP value is, which made them much harder to stun than intended. Fixed bug where melee attacks would always hit irrespective of the displayed accuracy chance. Stun Baton no longer prints an extra "Resisted" every time you hit something with it - this was happening because it does 0 normal damage in addition to the 20 stun damage, and this normal damage was not enough to break the target's armour. Fixed up the fire path being displayed incorrectly in some cases when you were targeting a multi-tile object. Fixed up the black "outline" edges of the move / fire paths not drawing above the foliage. BALANCE CHANGES: The short range bonus now works like it did in Xenonauts 1 - it's now a 12% bonus per tile for units within 5 tiles of the target (for some reason it was a 5% bonus for 4 tiles previously). The Stun HP of a unit is now capped at their current normal HP, so if you badly wound an alien it will be much easier to stun. Removed stun damage from all weapons except for the Stun Baton. Stun baton now does 30 Stun damage instead of 20. Sniper rifle now costs 30 TU to reload instead of 1 TU. Most of these bugs just arose because we were working on some quite sensitive systems when adding support for the new weapons and stun health - as is often the way, it looks like that had some unintended consequences. Thankfully we've got a community that flag up these issues early on so we've been able to the fix them in good time, so thanks to anyone that played the game and let us know about the problems! As well as the new features due in the next build (Tuesday 25th April), we are of course working on additional bugfixes that will also arrive in that build. These were just the quick and easy fixes that we could get into a hotfix. Feel free to give us feedback here on the new way we're displaying fog of war and the new camera shake effect too; the fog-of-war stuff is intended to make the game look nicer given half the map will no longer be greyed out at any given time.
  10. Yup, I think Jagged Alliance 2 is another classic that could do with some modernisation so it's definitely on our radar (it's not entirely a coincidence that we've included a Tropical biome and a powerful portrait generator this time around). But we've got to finish X2 before we start thinking too much about anything else, so we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves!
  11. Basically all we're doing is pushing the discussion of these mechanics back until they've actually been implemented and people can experience them directly rather than having to make assumptions based on a forum post. Plenty of people (yourself included) did use the threads in the manner they were intended, but in general most of the feedback was along the lines of "sounds good / okay / awful, guess we'll have to see how it plays before we can offer more useful feedback though". It's pretty obvious on reflection that I posted the threads up to early - without something playable even the people in the community who are trying to be helpful can't offer much helpful discussion or constructive criticism, whereas the people who want to criticize an idea can interpret it in any way they want. That means we're getting a lot of negative reactions but not much useful feedback. In that situation I think it's best to close down the discussions until people can actually play the new systems we want to test. I apologise to those who have lost posts - although they've not actually been deleted - but you'll get a chance to discuss some of the ideas again soon enough, and you might see some of the old posts reappear at that point too.
  12. I probably phrased that in a slightly misleading way, so I'd best explain - it's not going to be an *exact* copy of Xenonauts 1, just a functioning approximation of how it worked. For example, there's no way we're going to recreate the air combat system from X1. When we put the strategy layer together we'll most likely have an autoresolve function that can mimic the air combat results of X1, but I don't think we'll go as far as completely re-implementing the air combat when that's definitely a part of the game I want to rework. Similarly we might drop some specific aliens and replace them with something else and I don't want to feel obliged to recreate all the art and code that would be required to make an actual "Xenonauts 1 HD" if it's not stuff we're planning to use in Xenonauts-2. So Xenonauts 1 HD is a nice idea, but I think the game had enough problems that people wouldn't want to buy it again (or maybe even play it again) unless they were fixed ... and half the point of Xenonauts-2 is to fix those issues, so it would risk rendering the sequel somewhat pointless.
  13. Interesting. Our approach to the logs is pretty coder-centric (you can see it contains a lot of fairly irrelevant information because it dumps literally every property about everything), so I imagine the community would find it interesting if you were able to code something that presented the data in a more readable way!
  14. Yeah, I hear down the grapevine that a ~$500k Fig campaign is coming shortly. No doubt it'll do well!
  15. Yeah, send me an email with proof of purchase - link in my signature.
  16. It's not really worth trying to debug the AI at this point - it's barely even an AI right now. We're getting to it
  17. Thanks for the detailed bug reports, guys!
  18. This new version of Xenonauts 2 is a free public test build, released free because it is still an early build and we don't yet think we can justify charging for it; full details on where to get the build can be found in this thread. The next update is due on Tuesday 25th April, although if necessary we will also release hotfixes for any game-breaking bugs encountered in this build. This build has a good number of new features / changes in it. That is a minor miracle given everything that has happened over the past week - but more on that at the bottom of the post! CHANGELOG: Selection Rework: we've changed the way that clicking works to make unit selection and movement in enclosed spaces easier. Essentially selection is now done on the tile rather than on 3D object colliders, which means it's easier to click through units / walls / whatever to select things behind it. Door Clicking: we've also changed the input system so open doors no longer block left clicks aimed at the tile behind them (left click selects the tile, right click opens and closes the door). New Alien - Reaper: we're putting an early version of the Reaper in the game to test the model and animations. The Reaper does not yet have the "zombify" ability nor any specialist AI so don't expect it to be too scary yet ... but that will all arrive in the next few months. Bleeding Wounds: Each cumulative 10HP of damage suffered by a solider causes a Bleeding Wound roll. Each roll is rolled separately and has a 10% chance of inflicting a Bleeding Wound on the soldier (the same shot can cause multiple Bleeding Wounds). Each Bleeding Wound inflicts 5HP of damage on the bleeding soldier at the end of the player's turn. Bleeding Wounds are cured when a unit has a Medipack used on them. If a unit has suffered a Bleeding Wound then it will display a blood drop icon in the top right of the soldier portrait, and you get a notification message when the wound is suffered and at the start of any turn where a soldier is still suffering from bleeding damage. Stun Damage: Units can now suffer stun damage and (eventually) be knocked unconscious. Unconscious units are effectively dead from a mission standpoint - they can't currently be revived through any means. Units are rendered unconscious by reducing their Stun HP to zero. Stun HP starts at the same value as normal HP. If anything reduces the modified max HP of a unit (e.g. taking damage) then the max Stun HP is also reduced accordingly. Certain weapons inflict Stun Damage in addition to (or instead of) normal damage, which can be used to bring the Stun HP to zero without killing the unit. New Weapon - Medipack: Medipacks allow you to heal wounded soldiers and clear them of any Bleeding Wounds for a flat cost of 20 TU. Remember only half of damage sustained in combat can be healed up; if a unit takes 30 damage then it has its max HP reduced by 15 for the remainder of the mission! Riflemen now have medipacks and pistols as their secondary weapons - right click on the rifle image to access them (or press "X"). For now the healing cursor is accessed by holding Ctrl + Alt down, not by clicking on the medikit image (this will change soon). You'll know if you do it right because the cursor will turn green. New Weapon - Stun Baton: Your armoured guys have a stun baton and pistol as their secondary weapon - right click on the shotgun image to access them (or press "X"). The stun baton is a melee weapon which inflicts stun damage on the target rather than normal damage, allowing you to capture them alive for interrogation. It's basically pointless until the strategy layer arrives but we'd appreciate you trying it out and seeing if it works as intended. New Weapon - Submachine Gun: Your sniper and LMG soldier have an MP5 as their secondary weapon - right click on the main weapon image to access it (or press "X"). The SMG is essentially a rifle with a shorter range and less armour penetration, so should allow these units to participate in the UFO assault. Visual / UI Tweaks: Units now correctly aim in the direction that the bullet travels, so bullets should no longer fly off at apparently weird angles. Damage numbers for multiple hits from a shotgun blast / automatic weapon burst now display as separate numbers rather than a single cumulative total. Damage numbers now show the full damage inflicted, rather than being limited by the remaining HP of the target. Clicking on a 0% hit chance shot no longer fires the weapon, unless you are in force-fire mode (holding Ctrl or having manually clicked on the gun). Xenonauts now aim for the head / chest of their targets rather than their kneecaps. Units now generate a blood pool when killed. Bugfixes: Individual aliens can no longer fire beyond their own visual range. Suppressed aliens under the fog of war no longer show "SUPPRESSED", giving away their location. The alien door sound now follows the volume slider from the main menu, It has been a pretty manic couple of weeks here at Goldhawk HQ and we're pleased that we've been able to push out a decent update despite everything. A number of features also just missed the deadline, so I fully expect the next build on 25th April to be another big update too. Our coding team been pretty depleted over the past two weeks - one programmer became a proud father shortly after the release of the last build and has spent most of the last two weeks on paternity leave, one has taken a week off to work on his university dissertation, and another has been working pretty much full-time on the strategy layer for the past month. We've effectively only had one coder free to work on stuff for this build, so I consider the changelog to be good going. The most obvious casualties of this resource shortage have been new maps and grenades / grenade launcher. We've got a bunch of new maps ready to go (with new UFO designs) but we were also planning to add some new types of spawn points into the map editor to give us more control over the AI scripts on units, which should allow us to pace the missions better and allow us to restrict specific units to specific parts of the UFO (instead of them all clustering by the door). Without any coder time available for this, the new maps have been pushed back to next build - and, similarly, we just didn't have time to finish up the logic for grenades and explosions. Anyway, have a play and see what you think - post up any bugs you see in this thread or use the in-game bug reporter. I think the updated selection system makes the game feel much nicer to play (particularly inside the UFO) so hopefully you can see the improvement!
  19. Thanks for the feedback. A bit more testing with some fresh eyes suggests there's definitely some issues with the stun batons / stun system in this build, so maybe don't bother testing them too hard. We'll fix up some bugs with them and get some new animations (and add sounds) for the next build. We've also identified the bug with the burst fire you're experiencing right now - basically the issue is just that that any damage applied to anything (even miss shots) is being incorrectly applied to the target instead. So your bursts aren't actually hitting the target but are damaging them anyway. Maybe we'll release a hotfix for that as it obviously has some pretty big gameplay ramifications Yes, we've removed the cover icons. They were a holdover from an older cover system that used more of an XCOM 2012 cover system; they don't really make much sense in the current incarnation.
  20. If that's an issue, I think adding a visualisation of the blast radius (shading tiles / whatever) would be better than just turning it into a big grenade.
  21. Yeah, if we go ahead with the new inventory system then it would make sense to make them a secondary item, yeah - so you're limited to one of them per soldier, and it comes at the cost of carrying something else like a medikit instead. That gives you an excuse (indeed an obligation) to make them properly powerful. Yeah, ideally I'd like them to work differently to grenades both in terms of power and limitations. The most obvious candidates to make them play differently are: You can stick a timer on C4 when you activate it, so you can delay the detonation by X turns if you want. You can also choose the detonation to be end of the player turn, or start of the next one. C4 can't be thrown like a grenade, it can only be placed on the ground on the same tile as the soldier that used it C4 does a LOT of damage, possibly enough to 1-shot most aliens. This would probably have to gib them and destroy their equipment though. C4 is the only type of weapon able to breach UFO outer hulls With those advantages and limitations you get a pretty unique piece of equipment. It also allows UFO destructibility but in a more limited way than if you let any weapon breach UFO hulls, and sets up a situation where you're choosing the breaching points and putting timed explosives outside the hull and then storming into the UFO through the new hole you just created (you'd want a detonation at the start of the player turn for this, rather than the end). That might feel a bit more cool and "special-forces" than anything you could do in the original Xenonauts. It does also allow the requested fun with blowing up aliens - I guess a viable tactic might actually be to scamper up to an alien and put C4 at his feet, then run away (depending on the blast radius of the C4). Similarly if you know a soldier is going to get eaten by Reapers then you can drop C4 at his feet and self-destruct him if you want. I figure that gives you all the fun bits of playing with high explosives, but fixes the "problems" with the old one by making it a more limited item that you can't spam. Thoughts?
  22. It all comes back to the fundamental truth that for this system to work, the player must have complete confidence in the developer - that the game is totally free of bugs and accurately models every variable as it works in real life. As soon as there's even a suggestion that the game might be at fault the entire system falls apart completely, and even if I wanted to make a game without proper hit %s I'm not willing to assume every single player who plays the game will be willing to give us that level of trust. I think it would be critical and commercial suicide, so I consider the idea a non-starter. There's also two important considerations: That system is better suited to a Jagged Alliance game where you are fighting humans with real-world equipment. Lots of "realism" assumptions go out of the window as soon as you start fighting fictional enemies who could have completely unrealistic capabilities. It's extremely difficult for a new player to learn how to play a game that doesn't give you hit %s. I play a lot of strategy games and I struggled to get into Jagged Alliance, mostly because I knew all the things that would improve shot accuracy but didn't know which the game considered to be most important, so it was difficult to figure out what I should have done differently when my guys missed a shot (that and not completely trusting the game, as I mentioned above). The optimal system for this sort of thing really would be a sort of real-world Valkyria Chronicles game, with weapons just having a possible hit circle and the player getting a first-person view as the unit takes a shot. That way you can see if the unit has missed the shot by aiming off-target, or if they aimed on-target and the shot hit cover, or recoil messed up the rest of the burst, etc. You'd need to design it from the ground up if it were to have any chance of success.
  23. The reason why accurate data in a game is very important is because it's the only reliable way to know how a game works. In real life you don't need 100% accurate data because the world operates according to various scientific laws that you can use to predict the outcome of a battlefield event - e.g. if you fire a rifle and a bullet falls short of a target, you don't need any accurate computer data to know that you need to aim a bit higher with your next shot (or get closer). The laws of physics apply on the battlefield just as they do in real life. That's not the case in video games because you don't know how far the developers have gone to model reality. If the bullet falls short twice in a row, it could be because the developers have accurately modeled weapon range and bullet drop, so the next shot needs to be taken from closer in. It might be because you got unlucky with the RNG, so you should stay where you are and keep shooting. It might be because one of the intervening cover objects is massively reducing your chance-to-hit, so you need to move a few squares laterally to shoot around it. It might be because there's some kind of bug in the game and there's literally no way you'll ever be able to hit that shot. As a player, I definitely want to know which of those it is - particularly if it's an unforgiving strategy game that sets out to punish me for planning badly.
  24. Interesting ideas from everyone. Most likely I'll do a big new post on this topic at some point; it's something that almost everyone has some thoughts they want to contribute and it'll probably be best to collate everything into a single place.