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  1. I don't know. I think semi-automatic grenade launcher have always had a lower arc than hand thrown ones. I haven't watched much demo but those I saw are pretty direct shots.
  2. A problem with recoilless rifle is that they are universally single-shot, not to mention that they seem to fire much bigger shells.
  3. (Unless you hold both torpedoes and release only at point blank range, preferably from one of its side not from front or back.)
  4. Yes. Sorry I didn't thought of including the log. I see it logged the fatal error: output.log.7z
  5. Ow. I remember that they were experimenting with different system. Wish they stick with 100% hit. If that's too much I'd be equally happy to see 95%...
  6. I think this is the first time I tried a dev build. Obviously slower and sluggish than the last (non-dev) build I tried. I tried to aim the grenade, then I switched to other solders. When I switch back he's still in grenade mode and clicking on rifle does not switch it back. Switching weapon, however, can switch him back to pistol and rifle, so it's a workaround. LoF around wall corner seems to be working yes! I haven't tried to reload but I don't see any clip in the reload panel. Crashed in second turn on enemy overwatch, so haven't got much else to report for now.
  7. I haven't had time to watch the 26 minutes long review, but two action move-attack system has a long tradition in tabletop strategy games. Dungeons and Dragons (and clones such as Pathfinder) have been using two actions since the original limited run. D&D actually removed the option to trade move for more attacks since 2008. The change makes its combat more mobile and dynamic - you won't lost any firepower by moving, so it make sense to move to a better position every turn. D&D's move is TU-like though: you can move part by part (so you can peak around corner and decide your remaining move), and in the latest version (5th ed) you can move before and after the attack. Anyway, I watched the boss battle video however and the things that make me most curious are the counterfire system, will point, and lack of hit / miss chance (cover reduce damage instead). Counterfire and always hit I immediately like a lot; they unfailingly encourage and reward good tactics, no RNG. Will point is what you spend on powerful abilities, including overwatch, but you also want to keep a reserve so that the soldier won't panic easily. I think I see a snowball however: if you use a lot to overpower the enemies early, that make it easier to press and keep the advantage including more will. Very interesting game. I like it more than I expected.
  8. Yeah. I backed Xenonauts and other games on kickstarter, and I would back Phoenix Point if it were on kickstarter instead. I have heard of Fig and it sounds like good for me since I backed nothing but games, but I am not as interested in game or crowdfunding as I once was.
  9. While I consider this a special X-COM spice, I agree that an option to disable morale and psi should align it better with modern expectations that you don't suddently lost control of your units, at least not without a reasonable / reliable way to bring them back. I think XCOM 2 (and XCOM) handled it very well not by removing morale and psi but make them more forgiving. Panic soldiers will find cover and shot some aliens, instead of harming the team or wasting action on doing nothing, and is the status relatively easy to cure. Your soldiers may get controlled, but the range is limited and not only is there an obvious psi link that point you to the controller, but the controller is relatively weak and there are multiple ways to break the link. Option to enable/disable morale and psi will make it more difficult to design/develope the game. Using X1 as example, medel would lost their usefulness, a whole attribute become meaningless, enemy squads need to be adjusted, and some research reports may need to be edited. Personally, I'd be happy if we can make them less annoying. Or simply remove them. I won't miss them.
  10. By auto bug reports, do you mean the first option which says "Error Reporting: Enable/Disable"?
  11. @Pave If you are on Win 10, you can press Win+G to open the game bar, which let you take a screenshot (Win+Alt+PrintScreen) or record the game. I prefer using OBS to records my games, though, which gives me much more control. I get the victory screen, with aliens at 11/12 which reflect that I stunned one of them, so it's working for me. Things I like: Big, random map. Random damage. UI improvements. UFO layouts. Tutorial given my Chief of Staff. Free rotation. How about zoom and pitch? The soldiers are so small. I can't see the fine details you have in the gif thread, like those eyeballs. Things that bothers me: LoF at wall corners still unintuitive. For example soldiers next to an open door cannot shot the alien right behind the door. Same for rock walls. Soldiers can be hard to see on greener maps. Since we have officially labelled it a remote command interface, can we show AP bar close to each soldier? And may be class/weapon icon and HP bar. How do I know where my soldiers are facing? Ever since cover radar is gone, it feels harder to tell which grid is passable. I miss the radar. The leaves of tree spreading into surrounding grid make it more difficult to see the terrain. Can we hide the leaves and show only the trunk? Wish I have some way to see what is on the floor. Bugs: Game "died" as I am assaulting the UFO. It appears to stop to respond, but the game is actually still running. If I Alt+Tab out and back in, I see the game's title bar in top left corner, and I can hear clicking and shoting sound when I clicks. But I don't see the game screen. Whenever a soldier self-heal, he turns to the North. Or whatever the starting direction is. Soldiers sometimes cannot move to neighbouring grid, something I have reported since the first build. Unfortunately I accidentally overwrote the screenshots when I tried to compress them, but I have reported one of them with the report bug feature. The purple blood becomes white at certain angle. Again sorry I lost the screenshots. I once shot an alien from the back and suppress it and badly hurt it, and it won't even turn back to look who shot it in its turn. Do they get a free standup from suppression by the way? The UFO aliens also won't open the door and won't come out, so it's easy to abuse their behaviour by opening the door, burst burst, close door, end turn, repeat.
  12. I think Jagged Alliance has a different appeal to X-COM. The personality of the mercs and their interactions is I think the most unique selling point. But I have always wondered how far X-COM can introduce soldier personality without becoming JA. May be a pool of elite soldiers that you can hire only once per month or by special condition unlocks (e.g. starting region)? P.S. I just remember that Valkyria Chronicle (1) has 50+ unique soldiers, each with their own different head, voices, and lines, including special dialogs for interactions with a small list of friends (and a few un-friends). When they are mostly dead, you can still enlist generic soldiers. Even for save scummers who lost no one, this give them a reason to replace soldiers as friends and elites are made available.
  13. So I took some time off when my baby is sleeping to bake a little log viewer. Log Viewer/index.html Usage: Click the Browse button to select your log, or drop a log file on the button. FAQ: If you don't see what you want, it's probably not in the log. Browser Support: Chrome 57, Firefox 53 Baby Fund: Steam Wallet cannot buy me nappy or chloroform, so please be patient until I recover my paypal.
  14. I don't think this is what you have in mind, but I guess it is better than nothing: Log Viewer/index.html
  15. I think (but can't confirm) it is hard-coded. You can however increase the capacity of buildings, or combine their features (such as combining garage with hanger). You may be able to make the big buildings smaller, but you'll have to change the battle map for base defence too.