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  1. Kickstarter reward ideas: - Alpha and Beta access - Digital tech tree poster - Digital artbook - Create an aircraft (vehicle) callsign, which will be randomly assigned to new craft (vehicle) like soldier name - Name a craft/vehicle/enemy/main character - Create or expand the random name list of a country of your choice. - An internationalization of your choice. P.S. I have no desire to make my appearance in a game, so I am not interested in the custom soldier option, but that's only me.
  2. Yes, is aware of that and have captured ufo that way. I know someone will mention this so I noted in an edit how that attempt ended up. I, too, have played the original x-com, tftd, and so on. And I remember how you can destroy ufo walls so that the defenders have nowhere to hide. No need of scanner is good. But anyway I was just comparing with the base game where the sebillians seems to be more aggressive, or at least don't hide well. Sometimes the hide and seek game is satisfying, like the time when the alien flee to second floor and I just C4 the house. But overall the increased tendency to flee and hide and camp s a net negative to me. I may get it wrong, I only played the base game into January, but that's what I feel.
  3. I agree with Johnny that alien camping is an obvious problem of xce to the point of frustration. In addition to tough UFO assault, once I have to chase a lone Sebillian guard - supposed to be the dumbest of a dumb, short-sighted, aggressive close range unit - across half the map and cornered him behind some indestructable big rocks. And it won't come out until I close the net very, very, *very* slowly to be able to lob a grenade across the corner safely. It's not fun. Some players may enjoy chasing a enemy like this, frequently, and consider it challenging. I feel like wasting my time. (Edit: And if I leave a soldier to keep it in check so that I can assault the ufo, it will pop out, got hit, kill the shooter, and go back to regen. I opt to load game, thanks.)
  4. Oh I found the sentence now. I didn't click into the subpages before. I would read it as an extension of the paragraph above, and thus the opposite of what I think you are thinking: Establishing 2nd base immediately is risky, because you'd be dependent on income from successful ground combat, but you should try establishing a second base no later than the start of the second month.
  5. Research and build better fighters should be your highest priority. They are both the main expense and main income (ground combat gives some nice boost, but shooting down UFO increase funding forever), so if you can increase their effectiveness (by upgrading and manual air combat), you spend less to earn more. The guide warns of less surplus, but it is because of increased maintenance. I don't see how the guide say delay setting up air net. I find shields useful in this game to absorb damage and provide cover for other soldiers, esp. in early game. I would only bring one or two, however, because I like machine guns better like you. This is why I like the ground balance of this game. It supports very diverse play style.
  6. I'd setup the second base as soon as possible, so that we can shot down more UFO as soon as possible. Aircrafts has expensive maintenance. Ask yourself whether the extra craft is worth the extra downed UFO, or whether less crafts will improve your balance sheet overall. For example I have only one dropship for many months, because the extra team can't assault enough ufo to earn its upkeep. The only reason we need at least one team is because we need to recover something for the labs and workshops. I'd also not build defence this early. Three in each base is not enough anyway... But otherwise, your situation is not unusual. Money is tight and you need to balance your needs.
  7. Well, according to in-game lore, the aliens does have the ability to wipe you and everything from the Earth. But they don't do that, because they don't think the same way. There is something else they want. You can regard what the game says as a lame reason, but it does provide an answer to why they don't simply release hundreds of reapers on Earth. (Except that, you know, that's what they do when they are really pissed off.)
  8. Edit researches.xml. It should be pretty straightforward. If you play community edition, remember to edit the one in mods\xce folder, not the one in assets.
  9. Since it is not forum code limit but a web server limit, workarounds are convoluted to say the least. FTP is an excellent solution.
  10. Human soldiers did use alien weapons before Xenonaues is established, in the novella, and for pretty good reasons - they deal higher damage and are immediately available. But then, the elite soldiers also hit a lot with those weapons, too...
  11. A NASA team is hoping to demonstrate on International Space Station a new initiative called XCOM - X-Ray Communication. In the news: Paper:
  12. You can't put shield in backpack. Not in vanilla and not in X:CE.
  13. Thanks. That's fast! Is it possible to add a motion blur when the screen scrolls (and perhaps rotate) to make it smoother? P.S. I like the elastic scroll, just think that the scroll process can improve.
  14. Cannot access Site says "Our website is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance." since at least October. The site is still being linked by Wikipedia, OpenXCOM, some threads from this forum, fan arts, videos etc. So I guess it is not supposed to be down, especially when Xenonauts 2 is in development?
  15. Performance and bugs are on par with my feedback on last version. Really love the height difference and rich cover. They brings the map to life! Main issues: Sometimes cannot fire. Once my sniper cannot fire no matter how I switch soldier or rotate. (He recovered next turn and faithfully snipped the drone. Yay!) Sometimes cannot move one square. Right click when in target cursor should not turn the soldier; I just want to toggle the firing mode to see accuracy. I am seeing the bullets and plasma bolts better in this version. Are they slower now? Still often goes out of screen (even at 2560x1440). Both my soldiers and the aliens keep destroying the cover right before them. I am so happy when a single shotgun blast can destroy the covering rock. My soldiers must have the most powerful guns on Earth. Cannot see direction of incoming fire despite having 360 view formation. Lost five soldiers and only once did I see a shot apparently coming from black grid. Four of them, including the visible one, is the last officer sniping me from beyond sight range. Or it may be a new bug - I can't see half the aliens in my turn. They are invisible! First new drone is already invisible. Very, very, very hard to target; only a few pixels work (and not the little red bits). Soon after, a sergeant decides to play the invisible game too, lasting one full turn: And the first officer of course won't leave us disappointed. I got screenshots for three aliens, then I don't border to count. They all remains fully invisible in our turn until they die, when they leave a corpse. They are visible in their turns. I toggled graphic quality in the ground combat with the new graphic option slider, before I move any soldiers. Not sure whether it matters. Core i5 2500K @ 3.3GHz, 8GB RAM, GTX 660, 2560x1440, around 25 FPS at good quality. Temporary drops to 1 FPS when I press the end turn button.