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  1. I've just had my first couple of hours playing Wasteland 2 Director's Cut and it was a huge huge improvement over the base game, I thought that this kind of engine would look amazing on Xenonauts 2.
  2. Is it me or the game marks an andron officer as a leader to capture even though there are NO other lifeforms in the map? well there were 3 harridans but those were simple troopers by the color blue of their uniforms. Anyways yeah it's quite impossible to baton down an andron, just had one surrounded and beaten Rodney King style and that guy won't go down... maybe that notification about the "there's a leader in this ground mission" is a bug?
  3. We all used them to secure our asses from backstabbing chrysalids ^^ I'd love to see a mine type like in X-COM APOC, would make more sense than a proximity grenade... a simple handheld mine.
  4. Hi there I did just cheat a bit (yeah no I cheated a lot) to get enough funds to plant bases in order to cover the world. So far I've been sticking with the "golden rule" of 3 bases is best and here is my picture, I also added a 200 extra range per level of radar coverage just in case you were wondering why the ranges were a bit bigger. So then, where do you guys build your bases, how many, why did you chose those locations? here are mine. I chose to protect most of North America since their funding is better, then I went to protect most of Asia/Europe and Oceania... kinda forgot about the kiwis though lol.
  5. If you create that I will use it like I used those shields in XCOM APOC, I'll equip 1 on my hand and 3 on the backpack and will have the effect of 4 shields.
  6. This has happened to me a lot actually, sometimes when I close up that pop-up screen it shows that I can manufacture a new item. I think it's just the xenopedia not being complete yet.
  7. Is this one save compatible with the hotfix 5 or do I need to restart?
  8. So Chuck Norris was a Xenonaut? who knew.
  9. Yep, regeneration should be a trait given to very few aliens. How much health does a Caesan have? I feel like they're tougher than my average xenonaut, they should rely on tech to evade damage not on any natural or inherent abilities/resistances. They were supposed to be the equivalent of UFO EU sectoids, nice handling of tech, nice aim and cone of view but below average health. So far I've encountered the same problem that other users have stated, the ballistic assault rifles lack a bit (just a bit) more of range IMO as well. I can't keep up with the drones and the constant suppression fire if I can't at least return fire effectively... it feels like it needs some nerfing. So far no problems with the alien specialists but I don't know if this may be too much micromanagement, I kind of like it but it may make the mod harder especially if you miss to capture them early in game and they get too many options in armor or weapons... kinda like when playing XCOM Apoc if you missed the first alien ufo (scout) it would be nearly impossible to capture one later so the whole tech tree would be stunted. Do I need to wait until the Corvettes to get the basic air armament? so far I've been either unlucky or lacking attention since my fighters still have the basic payload. And can't seem to get anything new to research since most UFO I down are literally burning and full of holes. Keep it up mate! will try and get terror missions or alien bases to keep testing on diff saves
  10. I'll give it a few hours this evening because I really wanted to test the gas grenade on this version but I am getting low amounts of Alien Alloys, I'm just unlucky, the few UFO's I send to the ground are heavily damaged. I wanna test the gas in both interiors and exteriors because I use to open the UFO doors with the shield guy and gas the interior and let them "marinate" in sedatives. Then again shock as you said were extremely useful when I remember using them against Sebilians in the vanilla. And will look for the injector. By the way, how many diff alien unit types are? I mean the new ones like the medic, the arms sergeant, the pilot etc...
  11. Nah the pace of the mod feels nice, the hard part is getting the aliens alive without gas because batoning them down is a serious risky strategy in this mod now, I just hope I don't have to capture a praetorian alive or I swear I'll make stun gas rockets and equip one on each of my soldiers lol. What I meant with the gas grenades is... why would they require alien metallurgy? can't we humans, as species, manage to make them without alien alloys? at least the very basic ones.
  12. Still early but I have two separate games saved with different cfg files. On one I have supersoldiers and lots of money and I just keep doing all crazy stuff to find possible glitches and the other one is a normal save with normal soldiers, I get reasonable amounts of casualties and damage now... much better balanced, so I'm still at the "laser stage". Drones and Praetorians xenomorphs shouldn't be able to regenerate, they do have too many advantages, resistances+high health+high TU's and decent damage on top of regeneration. Did you make the gas grenade craft code? why does it need 1 alien alloy? Only reason I can find is because of balance, because I for one used to carry at least 2 of them on each guy and gas the interior of the UFO.
  13. I've experienced that they have a "terror unit" pattern, they first go and kil all civs and armed civs then they target the xenonauts, I'm starting to believe their purpose is to lower your mission score by killing the neutral units. My advice? flamethrowers and rocket launchers, I can't get to save most of the civs because they're extremely fast and of top of that they do regenerate and have resistances. But I love how they troll me.
  14. Nice, got to play a bit with the hotfix 5 and caesans aren't as dangerous as before, that heavy plasma barrage was deadly. I lucked out and I was able to corner a xenomorph with 3 of my baton guys, all of them wearing jackal armors, they took a lot of damage but I baton'd down a xenomorph (I feel like the Predator lol) and I laughed when I saw the tech description "not very dangerous not a threat". 10/10 Anyone else being able to confirm the decrease in TU's when shooting at aliens? I mean I got the next gen shotgun, in the description it reads clear it's made to confront reapers and/or xenomorphs and they still absorb quite an amount of damage before going down, I'm talking resistance not health points. Great work with the caesans, now they pose a threat but a better balanced threat... I'm now gonna keep hunting sebilians to check this a bit further. keep it up mate great job!
  15. I meant if given the exact same conditions lol in the rare scenario where you wanted to kill an elephant and you had the chance to put the muzzle of the 12 gauge next to its skull. Thing is that as of now we have to concentrate a LOT of firepower to take down any single aliens. So far I have been only able to take one caesan non-combatant alive, after having to suppress him every turn with flashbangs till one of my "baton guys" got close enough to show the guy some love. Could you make the batons less bulky? is it just me or they should be 1x3 instead of 2x3 in the inventory grid? Also, xenomorphs are the best trolling alien units ever, with their humongous amounts of TU's they calculate your unit's combined cone of view or field of view, hit you once or twice and then run and hide in the spot that none of your xenonauts can reach. Dude they're smarter than me... it's starting to hurt my feelings hahaha.