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  1. @Charon "The Hive" ohhhhhh! Now I'm getting excited! Also thanks for the explanation, that does make a lot more sense.
  2. Looks like you guys want to start a game development team! Don't worry about impatient people, get the mod where you want to get it to. Maybe set a cut off point where you stop adding content and once you feel X-Division is finished to an acceptable level look at making your own game
  3. Sounds good to me
  4. Yes! Dark Souls / Bloodborne has been one of my all time favorite series of games, this explains a lot of why. This is also why X-Division is soo damn good! I'm still lurking in the shadows, I'll be aiming to start a new campaign in the not too distant future, still really busy times for me at the moment
  5. This sounds like an awesome idea, I didn't know it was possible to even do this! Currently it's optimal to suppress with LMG / shotgun and then deploy smoke and reposition for next round. I've had no need for flashbangs when you have guns that do suppression very well and also do damage. @drages I feel like that Cyber-rex is going to put the fear into all of my X-Division vehicles.
  6. How has no-one else commented on this? Did any of you people watch it! This shit looks insane! I fear Charon and Drages have gone mad and they want to kill every single X-Division soldier! We need to start a petition to stop them! Hahaha being serious, this looks really good! That 360 shield tech is awesome.
  7. I just have to pop in and say that this page of comments has been really amusing for me to read. I haven't seen this type of game vs realism argument since back in Counter-Strike 1.3b I'm not going to be involved other than to say I'm impressed with how diplomatic both Drages and Charon are when it comes to the feedback the players give in regards to your mod. I've been really distracted on clearing out a bunch of games I never managed to finish, and now I'm stuck on Final Fantasy XV I can tell you though, without saving and loading during combat, I would have lost my almost my whole Alpha squad in Phase 4, especially against Andron's. My only comment is that the Spiritwolf Mech feels very strong for Phase 3, in Phase 4 they can get killed pretty easily by heavy drones etc. Keen to see when the next patch rolls around
  8. Yeah that might be a better idea, like Charon said Rockets are not optimal choice currently, but I'd like something like them for attacking vehicles. I guess the issue is instead of a rocket launcher, you can equip and throw an advance explosive pack which will probably do more damage than a rocket anyway, and when your soldier has 150Strength they can throw really really far and with high accuracy too. So Rocket launchers need something a bit unique about them. @Sir_Dr_D Hmmm I tried this in soldier equip menu but Phase3 rockets would not equip into the default rocket launcher, also having to re-do this every mission is just too clunky, especially if you send your soldiers on two or even three missions before returning to base.
  9. Speaking of rockets, is it possible to change what rocket the rocket launcher is loaded with at the start of the mission? I don't use launchers after phase 1 as it is wasted TU's / inventory / weight to change from default rocket to a rocket that will actually do some damage.
  10. What's going on? The best mod for Xenonauts is what's going on! Go get $10 or whatever this costs on steam / GoG and then install this mod (I also don't want to hear anything about; poor uni student / homeless / out of work stories etc. Just make it happen!), then you'll see how far it has come since what it looked like years ago. @drages I'm still going to get you that save file, I've just been really busy on Path of Exile at the moment, before the current league ends will post it up in the next few days. @Z01 Those splash effects look awesome! Nice work man
  11. Yeah I'll try send you one before I manufacture upgraded Sentinel armor vs. Andron's as these guys are super tough in Phase4. Smoke grenades are the difference between life and death
  12. Hmmm that must be because the zombify simply drops them to zero hp or even just replaces them so they are not "overkilled" and have a chance to be recovered then? Is it possible to set Zombify to do like 300hp damage or something so they are overkilled?
  13. Just started on Phase4, and I want to say Charon and Drages you guys are crazy! It's also my fault for letting the aliens setup 4-5 bases so I could farm Phase3 UFO's because now each wave is spawning 10+ ufo's it is actually quite fun this way just saying Balance; Like my previous comments about Red Xeno's it applies again to Crimson Xeno drones & warriors, they die too easily to energy weapons (hp buff) and melee attacks don't do much damage to Phase3 vehicles and armor. For Sebillians the reaper Omega is an actual nightmare, at the start of the mission if one is hiding just outside line of sight, chances are your reaction fire cannot get through all of it's HP and you'll lose someone. Also question for you guys, at what point does the game decide if a trooper who died is going to survive with 1hp at the end of the mission, I had this happen for a soldier who was zombified lol! This should guarantee the soldier is dead.
  14. I renamed it Optimus Prime, since he can transform from mech into APC Balance; Red Xeno's need to do higher melee damage, they aren't scary like Reaper Omega since they cannot one shot you. First few hits from red drone or warrior will be resisted by Spiritwolf mech. First hit from Omega always does damage.
  15. bug; Spiritwolf mech, it starts with the Spiritwolf Gauss as default weapon however you can research Spiritwolf Gauss weapon also. bug; Spiritwolf Mac (this is a typo for Mag I assume) bug; If you equip the spiritwolf mech with timberwolf Gauss it changes to a different model in the ground combat, changes to looking like an APC. bug; Gauss sniper Mk3. shows in ground combat as 6/8 ammo when it should be 6/6