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  1. I've already done two versions of F-14 "Tomcat", known also as an the "Corsair" in the game... first with 2 x light missiles + 1 x auto-cannon: and the second with 2 x auto-canonns only: all in the base view: and rescaled models of F-4, F-5 and F-12 to make them better fit in hangars. Previous versions barely fit in hangars :/
  2. That's pity It would be possible at the same time to liquidate one soldier and stun an officer standing nearby (within 2-3 fields/grids radius), using only one concussion grenade
  3. You didn't get ?! - It is simple and even used in... e.g. the tactical scripts of "UFO: Aftershock" released in 2005. One separate range factor for damage (e.g. numerical value=2) and the second separate range factor for stun (e.g. numerical value=3) - it results damage within the radius 2 fields/grids and stun within 3 fields/grids. Here you are an appropriate scheme regarding the "stun damage" of grenades forced by independent (separated from "health damage") range factor: Another thing is one range factor for damage and stun e.g. numerical value=2 - it results damage and stun within THE SAME area 2, PS. e.g. means "for example"
  4. Is the "stun damage" of grenades forced by independent (separated from "health damage") range factor? I found nothing points to it in "weapons_gc.xml" scripts, despite the well known fact that during offensive tactics, blast grenades are used. They spread very few shards, because their impact mainly consists of stunning the creatures near the place of its explosion, to avoid injury of friendly units by long ranged fragmentation.
  5. Quite new model of F12 "Blackbird" in a quite new camouflage in its hangar and in some base Another versions of camouflage of F-4 and F-5 are attached in promotion
  6. Inspired by SoloA I decided to learn how to create my own aircraft models and give them a unified look - after all, they are meant for the one and only military organization. I have done it successfully, I hope At the beginning, I would like to present: F-4 "Phantom" and F-5 "Tiger" models in the appropriate graphic files format and dimensions for the game F-4 and F-5 in the base: F-4 "Phantom" in its hangar: F-5 "Tiger" ready for fight with aliens: PS. Feel free to use attached graphics in another mods Files with "_h" on their name end are designed to "...GOG Games\Xenonauts\assets\aircraft\hangar" folder and after copying this "_h" ending in the name should be removed (file name must be the same like in the "...GOG Games\Xenonauts\assets\aircraft\" folder)
  7. I give up this idea. Buildings capacity is very easy to change if you want to have a really big base... btw. I've found more interesting user interface changes regarding views of full list of soldiers in dropship and all aircrafts in base
  8. Rolling mouse over the dropship embarked squad list and aircrafts stationed in bases seems annoying to me each time I equip soldiers or fighters. So, I decided to make the appropriate boxes larger and after several hours of editing scripts (in aequipview.lua and sequipview.lua) I have achieved satisfactory results. Here they are: Aircraft equipment UI Soldier equipment UI Maybe someone will find it useful in modding. aequipview.lua sequipview.lua
  9. Base structure is hard-coded? That's a pity... So, it seems the best way to manage bigger bases is to increase Living Quarters capacity to 100, and Workshop / Laboratory to 50 Command Centre should have habitat for 10 persons and 1000 storage space in buildings.xml, as well
  10. Sorry for "noob question" but can not find any recipe / script to extend base building space (more than 6x6) in content of topics in the Forum GHI... Is it possible and how to do it? Thank you in advance
  11. Sorry for "noob question" but can not find any procedure/recipe to extend base building space in content of topics in the Forum... Is it possible to explain this issue in the "modder's wisdom corner". Thank you in advance
  12. This mod inspired me, so I've introduced three new aircrafts: 1. F5 "Tiger" replaced F17 "Condor" as a buyable at the very beginning medium range [9000] but slow [1760] dodge fighter armed with 1x cannon and 2x2 light missiles, 2. F4 "Phantom" as a buyable at the very beginning short range [7000] but faster [2400] interceptor armed with 1x heavy missile and 2x2 light missiles, 3. F12 "Blackbird" replaced "Foxtrot" as a heavy interceptor having longer range [12000] and higher velocity [3500] armed with 4 x heavy missiles I've left other aircrafts replacing only graphics of "Corsair" with F14 "Tomcat" from SoloA mod. It is enough for me but... I regret I can not change any colors by myself because I have neither abilities nor suitable application I would like all the aircrafts to have a similar camouflage and few graphics regarding successive manufacture stages. At the end of course I would like to thank SoloA. Great job! PS. "####" in descriptions are due to the lack of corresponding entries in strings.xml file. It is very easy to correct
  13. Of course, less bases - better playability, but I can not get used to... more than 5000km combat range of fighters in late 70's. So, creating a dense network of bases every 2-3 thousands kilometres seems so obvious to me. That's why I did not fully... grasp the fantastic realities of this game ;)))
  14. Is it possible to increase maximum quantity of human bases? I know it is not necessary to finish game, but I would like to cover the whole globe by 2-3 interceptors range.