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  1. X - Division All for One V0.99.11 for 1.5+ and 0.34.1 XCE We are in the sky ... We are on the ground ... We are a paramilitary organisation ... We have the best of the best - with some personal issues here and there. Real characters as you say nowadays ... We do everything, from stealing to protecting transports, smuggleing weapons for those who can pay for it. We destroy organisations if the price is right and provide safe routes from A to B, even through hell if it has to be ... Sometimes we also do some good guy stuff, but dont ask for it, except you can put enough money on the table ... Our people are unhonorable discharged veterans or geniuses who dont feel quite valued in their former organisation. Some average guys as well who are attracted to the way we do things ... but honestly they have to be a bit crazy to be hanging around those guys ... say us ... ... everybodys a bit crazy here ... We have been hired by some wealthy individuals who think we can save the earth and believe in our methods. This group has put their faith in us ... and most importantly, their money. I guess it is time to do some good guy stuff again ! Whats my spleen ? World Domination ! Everybody ought to have a goal, no ? But if these aliens do as they please there will be nothing left to rule over. What is yours, commander ? Welcome to X-Division ! The Team Drages - Lead Modder and Art Manager Charon - Code Manager Draku - Debugger and Tester AI Advisor and XCE Support - Kabill, Solver, Ilunak Support - Max_Cain, Kabill Special Thanks - Nuclearstudent, odizzido, Xany, Squaddie Perseus, Woz2, asierus24, Blackwolf, Reactorcore, Alienkiller, CherryCoke, XCOMJunkie, Brandon ( Steam) Special Thanks to Content Contributors: Max_Caine, the XNT team, We are thanking Chris for a wonderfully modable game and all the experience we could make because of this What people say about X-Division "Before all of this, the aliens were fighting seriously with jokes, then we gave them actual weapons and now they are fighting seriously, jokeing about you" - Drages "Your blinking dots on the hull look so awesome that its the first time i actually looked at the UFO in over 600 hours of gameplay time" -Charon Table of Content 1. Game Overview 1.1 Game Details 2. Questions & Answers 3. Requirements 3.1 Installation 3.2 Other Mods 3.3 Troubleshooting 3.4 Latest Patch 4.Known Bugs 5. FAQ 1. Game Overview X-Division is a complete overhauled game experience, featuring an vast amount of different enemies to capture, a new and improved, aggressive AI, 186 new weapons including katanas, 9 vehicles and 3 mechs and 13 sets of armour. New revised Aircraft game , crafted by me which builds and extends on the existing aircraft mechanic and polishes it to the extreme. New mechanic, hit and run tactics, new alien weapons and more .. so totally not what drages planned :). 22 new aircrafts from which 5 are alien interceptor to recruit and 24 aircraft weapons. Enemies feauture different armor resistances, different strenght points and weaknesses. Every alien race is good and bad in and against something and you better find that out quickly before its too late, commander. Terror and base attack missions will happen frequently and will be of importance all the way to and in the end game. Captureing aliens is immensly important in this mod as it will open up all the vital and better tech for you. Unique specialists you can only capture at terror sites, crash sites or base attacks. Special UFOs with a special goals which carry special units into battle. Special Officier Units for every phase of the game to capture to give you that special research boost you need. Aliens will adapt to your style of playing with different strategies of aggressive overwhelming force. " Every phase will have their own weapon branches. Ths branches will be mostly energy or ballistic based. Addidition to this your arsenal will make updated versions we call as MK in the mod. You will get the MK 1 versions as prototype and easy. For MK-2 versions, you will need to capture alien specialist and for MK-3 ultimate versions you will need to get specific things. Vehicle Weapons, Grenades and Explosives will have updated versions too. Special UFOs with a special goals which carry special units into battle ! UFOs with their own puposes and missions. You will see huge ufos for terror and base attacks, nearly impossible to stop at the air. You will see shuttles and special cargo ships along others. You will see any kind of ufo nearly at every phase with their upgraded stats, weapons and crew. Near endgame, you will see the real force of the Alien menace with the all mighty dreadnought and motherships." - Drages An detailed manufacture and disassembling system for alien weapons, grenades, UFOs. A chance based, incredible intrigues, complex research tree featuring around 900 xpedia entries and lively maps with civilians and local forces appropriatelly equippted. All of this over 4 balanced Phases over the game presenting a long and hard journey to menkinds destruction or, temporary, survival. It is in your hands, commander. 1.1 Game Details Weapons and Ground Combat Aircraft and Aircraft Gameplay Manufacture, Researches, Xenopedia Maps, Graphics and UI, Miscancellous Picture Gallery 2. Questions & Answers Whats the recommended difficulty ? The intended way to play this game is to always play on veteran, and to learn from your mistakes to come back stronger everytime you lose the campaign. Every death should mean something to you. However, if that is not your favourite difficulty you can start on Easy and play your way up. The game gets harder the more you progress so there will always be an increase in difficulty and a new challenge to come, the only difference is the starting point. Its not recommended to play on Insane, although the option is there to choose from. Its simply put just a harder version of veteran. Charons Changes mod aims at making the game harder without making the game unbalanced by simply buffing accuracy and stats of the aliens. Good luck commander. Is this version balanced ? What should I look out for ? Every manufacture and research as well as every economic gameplay element has been implemented. However the requirement quantity has been set to the lowest level for Grenades, Rockets, Melee Weapons Armor, Vehicles and Vehicle Weapons Aircraft and Aircraft Weapons Economical gameplay elements which are still pending Sell prices for alien loot except UFO Datacores Things which won´t change are The weapon DSB system The UFO DSB system The xenonaut weapon sell prices ( 1:1 ) UFO datacore sell prices Please report on these issues and give us feedback on how we can balance them. Help ! I mean HELP ! Any guidance on how i should play this game ? Here you go: For people knowing how the game works, feel free to help others or submit things you think are important or a guidance. I want to help, how do i apply ? Yes, you are very welcome. Currently we are looking for people who can write some good stuff and good mapmakers. You can simply send me an pm about the subject and Ill see what i can do. If you want to apply as a writer i usually ask for some samples to see your writings skill and confidence. Same goes for mapping. 3. Requirements XCE 0.34.2 Steam: Change your steam version to XCE under "Properties" "Beta" for steam GOG: Download the official version from the forum ( This mod is map pack ressource depending: Khalls´s Tundra Tileset Random Map Pack Arctic Collection Random Map Pack Desert Style Random Map Pack Farm Edition Restored Community Map Pack Skitsos Alien Base Booster Pack Skitsos Improved Tile Art Pack Skitsos Ultimate Mega Mix Map Pack 2000 All this map packs are available in XCE as of 0.34.2. It looks like this: 3.1 Installation 1. Delete everything X-Division related from your mods/... folder. 2. If you downloaded the steam workshop support mod install it now. This is to show some support but has no other purpose than that. 3. Download X-Division: Download ( MD5: 87d1e080cbf36a92684ca4207094a7b5 ) 4. Unpack the rar and put X-Division 0.99 Beta and X-Division 0.99 Beta Part 2 in your mods/... folder 5. Delete your C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Goldhawk Interactive\Xenonauts\internal folder every time you change or install something. Like right now. (windows, i dunno about other OS). Ubuntu 16.10 : /home/USER_NAME/.local/share/Goldhawk Interactive/Xenonauts/mods/internal/scripts 6. If you think the airgame is too hard download the Easy Airgame Mod, you may need it: MEGA X-Division Easy Airgame increases all autoresolve winning chance calculations by around 70%, totally throwing off my balancing and making you a favour. Additionally the dmg to the winning squad gets reduced from 30% to 20% and the coeff for the winning squad is set from 2.0 to 1.3. 0% winning chance is 0% below 0.875 and 100% is above 1.25, meaning that when the autoresolve calculator shows 100% you have a reasonable chance to emerge without any harm from the Airfight 7. The modloader should look like this MINUS the things you dont have or dont want, except for the things you ABSOLUTELY need ( Requirement Section ). The mods you dont see are ALL DEACTIVATED, so you see only the mods you need, in the correct order. Check if the mods are activated or not. You only have X-Division Workshop Support if you subscribed and installed it from the steam workshop The modloader needs to be EXACTLY in this Priority order. ALL mods you want to play with need to have a "YES" in the Active column, if you want to play with X-Division Easy Airgame you have to activate it ( I dont ) You shouldn`t play X-Division with any other mods than stated. Only cosmetic mods are allowed and only if you know exactly what you are doing. Keep in mind every savegame is unique to its mods its saved with. 8. Apply the latest available patch. Every patch contains all prior changes as well. Thanks to mulligan there is an installation video that can help you with installing X-Division: 3.2 Other mods recommended to play the game with too, if you want to give it a try UNDER CONSTRUCTION ! ( 18.11.2016 ) 3.3 Troubleshooting This mod is %98 stable. If you got any weird problems like aliens without guns, strange visual errors, game crashes, they should be about wrong install or mod loader issues. Be sure that you got X:CE, X-Division and X-Division Patch is installed and then come to our topic with your save game and we will help you. Sincerely yours, Drages NEVER USE THE MODLOADER DELETE BUTTON, ITS BUGGED AS HELL. Rather delete the mod folder from your mods/... folder directory. If you have a subscribed workshop mod then unsubscribe first then manually delete the folder in your mods/... directory. I think i got a bug, can you help me ? If you want some help when you make a bug report or think that something is not the way it is supposed to be, add full screenshots of your whole modloader and your savegame ( geoscpae only ). Why does the first start take so long to load ? Thats normal. X-Division is quite a big mod so loading all of its ressources takes time. Help ! I cant click on anything in the geoscape ! Hotkey are working though. Make sure that everything is the way it should be and then: Simply start up the game, go straight to new game, start a new game, load your current save, save it, exit and restart the game. This should now be fixed. 3.4 Latest Patch ( theres a patch history in the third post - with downloads ) Notes: X-Division 99.3 and higher will need the X-Division 0.99 Beta Part 2 mod to be deactivated, as it is no longer needed X-Divison has gone the step to replace vanilla files. There has been an original file added for every replaced one in case you want to deinstall the mod. In case of doubt make a reinstall of the game or verify game integrity through steam. Before applying patches withdraw all scientists and engineers from their current projects. You can reapply them afterwards. You only need to download and install the latest Patch avaialble, it contains all prior fixes as well. The .32 to .33 patch shouldnt need a new campaign Installation: Extract the "assets" folder into the main game "Xenonauts" folder. Merge and overwrite. After applying patches follow step 5. and 7. from the main installation process again. DAY 103 Patch 0.99.33 "Radio Chitt Chatter v0.2" & "The Hive v0.3"!BEYS1AAA!jWNw2W_sl-3BrUTf6lQECUD7SzI7fq2ZKZBBMdEYUtA ( MD5: e67c6cc6975a4f03fa84bbd52e34da54 ) Increased Terror Carrier Drones Speed Increased interceptor speed by +10% Increased interceptor turn rate by +20% Increased alien Shield capacity by +33% Increased interceptor autoresolve values by 10% New models for xenomorophs Totally new projectiles and particles. All props to @Z01 the first 164 new aircomabt radio chit chatter sounds - please give feedback on that the first step of the suppression revising has been made 4. Known Bugs ( at least until the next patch ) You can dublicate medikits - This means you should never put a medikit in the secondary inventory slot, weapons in the first slot will vanish. Xenomorph corpsesprops Crash - - merge and overwrite MAG Minigun - Iinfiltrator doesnt have terror maps: Into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Xenonauts\assets\mods\X-Division 0.99 Beta: Units can spawn outside map tiles in base attacks - If that happens make sure you did in that mission what you wanted to do, then save and exit. Start the game with the Xenonauts_gc_editor.exe in mods/xce/... and load up your save. Press "V" to kill every non xenonaut unit. Save and exit and continue to play like normal. Manufactured shields have 0 hp on the first mission. Workaround: 5. FAQ Why does this look halfway done ? Its halfway done. I will write the rest at a later date :). I just produced Alien Flamer Rifle 4:1B but the weapon doesnt show up. Thats not a production but a dissasemble. You disassemble X alien weapons for X ballistic/energy/antimatter/chemical cores. You need the cores later for better weapon production. This is the disassemble system. You can sell the weapons either for good money or produce cores for better weapon production. Your choice :). I just produced an Alien Scout DSB but i cant find it ? DSB means disassemble. You are disassembling the UFO and get its part. The Xpedia has detailed information what parts it EXACTLY produces so check that out. Those are needed for aircrafts and aircraft weapons. Most aircraft need the engine, the controlsystem and alien computers. The weapon systems are mostly for aircraft weapons. This is the UFO disassemble and aircraft production system. What does your "fixed" mean ? The problem you are stating has 1. been noted 2. completely been fixed. This means you will get the fix with the next patch. In urgent situations ill put up a direct link where you will be able to download the patch for exactly the stated problem but usually you will get all fixes with the next patch available. You can check the Known Bugs part in the OP before you report one to check if it doesnt already has been noticed. This is also where we put emergency links directly beside the stated bug. I cant see inside when im in Cruiser Class UFO. What to do ? Play around with the toggle options here until you find one that works for you. You propably wont get a full view, but at least you can see something. If you have visibility issues try to put 1 soldier on the lower level to see the upper one. Try reloading the save with manual one, that could fix issues too. Dont use auto or quicksaves. Next questions Yes, the Airgame is painted in my needs. Gone are the times where you said "The first UFO, ah, one condor should be able to take care of that". Condors are BAD, very BAD. You are practically fighting with sticks and stones right now. My advice: get as many condors as you can get. My first base has 9 hangars, my second base has 8, and my third base has 10 hangars. Build them all on your first day. ... the bases i mean. With some more experience you will be able to handle the airfights pretty easily. I mean, they are scouts and lightscouts after all ... . But you can only make experience if you have enough condors. Soon you will know EXACTLY what to do and how to behave in the airfight. At this point corvettes will crush your dreams. Just ... at ... the ... right ... time. When you thought you started to be able to handle the fight for air supremecy. What will follow are a lot of smokeing airplanes and your need to think a way out of this mess. Heres how you L2P: Knowledge: This is the first step. Collect information. The most important information is the HP. You will only get this information AFTER you brought that specific UFO down and SUCCESSFULLY raided it. The next step is to count your total dmg. Do i have enough dmg to bring this UFO down ? Other questions are: How fast is this UFO ? Can i outturn it ? Can it outturn me ? What weapons does it use ? After some time you will get a handle on the information and put it together what this UFO is so special about. Let me stress this again: You can only learn through EXPERIENCE. Nobody has yet learned how to handle a situation without having a minimum of experience. This means destroyed aircraft. Learn to handle that you are up against the unknown. Get the right aircraft/weapon lodout: This means that you learn what weapon is good in what situation and equipt it on the appropriate aircraft. An example is the fighter UFO in the first Phase. Get Asierus and 2 short range mauser cannons and you will destroy a fighter 1 on 1 with only sustaining 15 % dmg. Learn what aircraft is good against what UFO. Learn how a weapon behaves. ADAPT your aircraft/weapon lodout to YOUR PLAYSTYLE. DECISIONS: This is the utmost perfection of the airgame. After you learned how your enemy behaves and learned to deploy simple and advanced tactics like baiting, holding down, piercing, rolling into the enemy, choseing the right angle, fishing, throttleing and learned how to have the appropriate aircraft and weapon lodout, tailored to YOUR playstyle you will know what is possible. Than you will have different options in your head to choose from. Do i make it simply but lose one foxtrot ? Do i have enough fuel to bait it out ? Do i do 50% dmg and draw back and reengage again ? Is it worth it to sustain 40% dmg on this aircraft. These are ALL your options. Choseing from ALL of this options is a GEOSCAPE decision which will determine your future options and possbilities, thus setting your path to victory or defeat. Why is it so hard ? Its not, it has specific goals: Throw you into a situation where you are CLEARLY inferior. Activate your brain and think your way out of it. Its just an AI after all, not a human. The gradual mastering of the situation is an immense factor of satisfaction, provided you can do it. Try again or start on lower difficulties. Baffling you RIGHT at the time you think you are starting to get a grip on it, throwing you in another crisis. Saying "Start to learn to fight your way out of disadvantageous positions." This is the most important point: Decisions. Even if a moderate skilled person with the right aircraft/weapon lodout cannot switch on the autowin button, but has to make a decision on how he wants to play his cards/aircrafts. If he screws up he screws up. If he hesitates in the wrong moment, he may pay the price for it. Theres no clear right or wrong. Its an individual experience which shows you and your way with dealing with challenging uncertainties, most importantly it shows YOUR way. There will never be a "OMG, its that UFO again. This is so boring" or you activate Easy Airgame and autoresolve Next Questions I can indeed write an essay and the whole story, but im the coder. So i will do the creative work when theres nothing to code left ... never. So we would indeed appreciate a good writer who wants to write the story of X-Division. Let me rephrase what Drages said in my own and some borrowed words. Xpedia entries have all the pictures and none of the words. However i provided all teh necesssary and vital information for every xpedia entry. If you feel theres missing something please report it. We´ll remove them asap. They are developer items and are not meant to be build. Let me say this straight: this is not the vanilla game :). For better or for worse. Theres no "streamlined" experience anymore which takes you at the hand and shows you all the things one by one and leads you to a comfortable victory. This is harder. It is more complex. Nobody will tell you what to do. Not much hints will be given. You will have to crave for every little experience and knowledge. You have to take it slow and look closely. Heres the quote from the starting xpedia: "Spend our funds wisely and always look for opprtunities to learn. Its our only effective weapon we have, commander." Now that we have cleared this let me elaborate on the idea of this. It`s decisions. You will have a lot of researches, because you can choose which way you want to go, Only one thing is for sure: You cant research all at once. Not only that, its decisions in everything. Economy. Manufacture. Research. Earth Coverage. Aircraft Superiority. Detection Range. Weapon Equipment. The path is yours to take. The only thing which is sure is that you cant have it all. Take your path and makle it work. If you dont, well, thats the untimely end for earth. Let me quote from Long War: This is my oppinion as well. Some help will be up soon, if we can make it, but dont expect anything yet. Its hard and X-Division is even harder. I had the same problem with XCOM, then beaglerush introduced me to new concepts. We hope we can do something similar. Next questions Wrong, sebillians are affected by smoke like any other unit, as i learned recently. Isnt that what is the best option ? Not doing what you want him to do ? And on top of that to stay crouched ? From a human standpoint ? Before, they neither did that nor other things, and on top of this the aliens would helplessly run around in the back lines and never shoot because their accruacy was too low. Now they are at least effective at what they are doing ( because the AI was rewritten, not because of the accuracy buff, but they both play together ). I dont get what you are saying. When you have only 50% Tu available because of the suppression, than bursting takes away your whole TU to move. Its a tradeoff, either max damage or hide again. And max damage and on top of that staying crouched is clearly the better option, why make an suboptimal choice when you can make the best one ? Ofcourse they stay dangerous after you suppressed them, if not this would be a childs game. Ok, ok stop. I think you this might help you. Let me quote from Long war. If you stand in front of a caesan on insane it is fine that the an burst kills you. Thats the game. There is always a strategy available which let you achieve a different result. But thats the game, off the top of my head i can instantly think about 1 strategy where you wont get any damage at all. But thats for you to find out . Well, first of all, the game hasnt been balanced yet, but the GC has. Secondly, any other option than Veteran hasnt been balanced. Yes, values are different on lower difficulties. Either way, I wouldnt call this flawed. That units cant manually crouch, that is flawed. I think you are forgetting that half of the TU is not available in the next turn, and dont take advantage of it. I dont really get the idea, stunning is a hard buiseness which may require some units close by. Stunning is the pinnacle of achieving victory in a GC. You can measure the amount of success by the amount of stunned, needed units you got in a GC. The closer you get to a unit the more dangerous it becomes, naturally. If you dont like that take the guy out with a sniper rifle, while he is suppressed. Furthermore let me quote from the advice section: <Tip>Do not stay in an aliens Line of Sight! Do not trust cover!</Tip> That might be true. As in, it is true, but i still have to decide if that is a bad thing. That might be true. As in, it is true, but i still have to decide if that is a bad thing. I would disagree and state again that this game is nothing which you can learn, or is obvious how to play, on the first turns. Dont expect suboptimal strategies to succeed. Always stay flexible. Accept that mistakes can happen. I believe that randomisation is a simulation of the approximitation of the randomness of war. If it wouldnt be, war would be a chess game, which firaxis game is far closer to than the open evironment Xenonauts provides. For the sake of wholeness please let me quote some historian quotes about the romans and the roman culture. The most important one is the following Like i said earlier, i dont believe you are digging deep enough into the strategy box. Suppression is a powerful tool available, but you have to know how to use it. ... and please dont stand in light of sight of a crouched alien, if you know its bad, change your tactic then. X-Division tries to compensate that by stressing the importance of live aliens to capture. Rockets kill aliens as well as the corpses and the loot, 2 major income sources. But its not yet balanced, eg. you get enough for everything at the moment. For now, the money almost flows constantly after the first phase, but in the future people who dont capture enough aliens wont succeed in the long run. So they will have to put themselv in the best position, but will still havee to take the danger head on. Like Tacitus said it: I agree that Snipers are very good in the encounters, as it is the backbone of my squad as well, even with their low acc in the beginning. Its ok, i believe it is valuable feedback. While it might not change anything in the short run, it might change the entire course of the game in the LONG run . I think i know this feeling, I felt the same way when i got discouraged of playing XCOM 1 on the higher difficulties, because I didnt know what to do, and i didnt receive any guidance on how to IMPROVE on how i was playing. This made me bump against the same stupid wall over and over again, with the feeling that even when i succeeded it wouldnt be because of me, but because of some stupid dice that rolled in the right direction this time. The whole game felt like it was completely disregarding my actions and rolled the dice for the encounters. The feeling of not having an impact on anything is the feeling of frustration. ( Btw this also makes great games, letting the player feel the impact of the his/her actions, its the fundamental part of game design to give the player something where he can see how he effects something. This is the fundamental principle of playing, in the exact same matter a baby feels joy because it experiences that his/her actions affect something and do something with the world, no matter what it actually does. Experiencing your actions having an impact on the world is one the greatest, fundamental joys in life, taking away from that feels frustrating ) Then i met beaglerush - Not only was he better than me, he also introduced me to far wider variety of the question you can ask in a game. What determines this is a good position ? What tools do i have available ? Most importantly, what even, are the possible outcomes of a situation ? What CAN even happen ? AND what is likely to happen ? How do i manipulate the odds so that i can stay on top of changing factors throughout the game ? What is the worst possible situation ? How much is one worst possible option worth against the other ? This is why i believe youtubers and Lets play videos are so immensly important, because at the end of the day gaming is a social thing. Even if you only play single player and sit alone in your room alone all the day, at one point your single playing gaming will turn into something too hard for you to manage alone. On the other hand If you would be able to clear a game without any challenge it would be boring. So what do you do ? You turn on the internet and search for NEW IDEAS on how to approach your favourite game. It could be walkthroughs, FAQs, tips and tricks websites like gamefaq is one. Back in the days people sat down and wrote around 20 comprehensive pages about a subject in a game and other people would read about it. Dragon Warrior Monsters and Monster 2 are a good example about this. Heck, Pokemon is a good example of this. Did you know that pokemon had a stats had a genetic buff from +0 - +61 stats when they were born, also known as IV ( individual values ) - and NOBODY KNEW about this until later generations ? Do you think that one person alone would have cracked this ? Or that it was something people might eventually figure out ? Actually it was discovered by somebody making the ROM available for emulators, now it is an important part of every strategy in the competetive gaming scene. It could be a Lets play, or it could be a review. It could be a MAKING OF or it could be a spreadsheet document. Or you simply bother your friends to play this game and ask about their oppinion. Gaming is a social thing because ultimately we strife to increase our horizon and learn and experience new things, and per definition this needs new things and new impulses to take from. Some also like other people . There is also the group of hardcore players, who want to figure out everything on their own, because they like the experience of this journey, but an estimated guess is that this group makes up around 5% of all gamers, maybe less. Most other people want to approach games 1. in social way or 2. getting provided basically cinematic material without making the experience of bumping into the frustration wall i mentioned earlier. And ofcourse there are invinite variations inbetween. So take what you can from other people approaching this game, if you want . Take a break from the game, that is also important. Reapproach it later. Drop it. Pick it up again. Do what you think it is you need. The Developers Diary - is the approach to this, but it still has no commentary, and may not get one in the future, but this tries to give players new ideas, new approaches, and to make the experience of playing this game a memorable one, where there are always higher ceilngs to climb, and mauntains to discover. The offical X-Division youtube channel is still under construction - - for now you can get all videos here - - . The next three posts are the continuation of the OP, please take a moment to glance over it.
  2. Im on break for now. Have a good time guys and girls :).
  3. Welcome, this place is for everybody who struggles with the difficulty of X-Division. If you are stuck, cant deal with a certain problem or dont know how why you fly your airplanes into the ground every time, you can look here for help. Note that those things wont tell you how to deal with a problem, but show you different approaches and tools you can then use or invent your own. You can learn from the successes here as much as you can from the failures. I really struggled with the diificulty in XCOM because i was used to get led by the hand and shown every little piece of the game. I was not used to adapt and think myself out of a bad situation. Until beaglerush introduced me to some new strategies and new forms of tactical approaches and especially like you can handle a game that is chanced based on every little step. I hope this content helps you to start your own experience, shows you new ways and enhances your gameplay. Cheers Charon Table of Content 1. X-Division Developers Diary 1.1 Youtubers and Lets PLay 1.2 Indepth Game Explanations on Youtube 2. Stunning aliens 3. An approach to deal with tanks 4. Main weapons and Side weapons 1. X-Division Developers Diary I´ve started a developer diary where i simply play the hell out of X-Division. This is without any commentary yet, but you can pick up some tricks along the way if you struggle with the difficulty. Especially air encounters should give you one or two hints on how you could deal with them. Ill be playing with the latest changes and patches so things you might not have seen yet. The mods used are as stated as in the installation description, check them out if you want. Dont think about this as a lets play but rather as an encyclopedia where you can look up certain situations and a way to deal with them, or examples of failures. Or you can simply watch and enjoy it. I am one of the developers but i´m basically playing this as blind as any other player who has spent 700 hours playing xenonauts. Especially Ground Combat is 100% new to me sicne i didnt develope it and although i made the airgame i dont know anything besides balanceing points either. So this is going to be hella fun. I skipped the beginning part of the first 28 days but you can pretty much see what i did in them. The difficulty is veteran/ironmann. Enjoy Phase 1 X-Division Developers Diary Part 1 - 39 - its playlist and all videos are in order Phase 2 X-Division Developers Diary Part 40 - 55 ( ongoing ) - playlist 1.1 Youtubers and Lets PLay Some people have picked up the game on youtube and may be able to teach you a thing or two. If you are stuck, looking for new ideas or simply want to get entertained, this is the place for you. Mulligan: ( Veteran/Ironman ) ( English ) Season 1: Season 2: ( recommended ) Lambert2191: ( Normal/Ironman ) ( English ) Season 1: Season 2: ( recommended ) VenTronixx: ( Easy/Ironman ) ( German ) Season 1: The Seeker Group: ( Normal/Ironman ) ( Russian ) Installation video: Random Streams:,,, Season 1: ( recommended ) 1.2 Indepth Game Explanations on Youtube Molnar Paul Lucian: ( Veteran ) ( English ) Season 1: 2. Stunning aliens 3. An approach to deal with tanks 4. Main weapons and Side weapons
  4. Known Bug. Known vanilla bug. Thats the minimum accuracy AI decision making, we will look into that. Yes, we try to improve on this behaviour. You cant sun mechanical units. There is no automatical in this game, thats Factorio. Thats true, there is relatively no tutorial for X-Division, nor a full sheet of information ingame. If you want to improve on this situation or anybody else, you are welcome. Thank you for your feedback.
  5. <Tip>Mitigation means armour penetration. Weapon Damage - (Alien Resistance - Mitigation) = Damage taken. </Tip>
  6. 3.3 Troubleshooting This mod is %98 stable. If you got any weird problems like aliens without guns, strange visual errors, game crashes, they should be about wrong install or mod loader issues. Be sure that you got X:CE, X-Division and X-Division Patch is installed and then come to our topic with your save game and we will help you. Sincerely yours, Drages NEVER USE THE MODLOADER DELETE BUTTON, ITS BUGGED AS HELL. Rather delete the mod folder from your mods/... folder directory. If you have a subscribed workshop mod then unsubscribe first then manually delete the folder in your mods/... directory. I think i got a bug, can you help me ? If you want some help when you make a bug report or think that something is not the way it is supposed to be, add full screenshots of your whole modloader and your savegame ( geoscpae only ).
  7. Im getting excited.
  8. play X-Division. And no, making an individual AI for every difficulty aint gonna happen, that would be like troubleshooting 4 different games.
  9. Wanna come online on steam? I would love to chat about something new. Sounds good but i already solved all crashing problems regarding the sound system. Right now we have a 6 hour testing run and 1 freeze, and ... i havent seen any crashes on loading anymore, but that might still need some testing. GC to Geoscape crashing has long been resolved too. Thx for the heads up, your reports help me quite a lot.
  10. its overwrite and merge.
  11. aiprops.xml - <Props APs="70" Resilience="150" Strength="60" Accuracy="100" Reflexes="40" Bravery="200" Abilities="Zombify,MeleeVehicles" CrouchDisabled="1" /> <Rank type="Reaper"> If you have an correct install you only need to modify X-Divisions aiprops, otherwise look for the mod with the highest priority. Its not a bad idea, i will make a note to use it for another system which i plan to implement in the far far future.
  12. My response to reapers usually is to nerf their TU, but that might just be a developer option. This is another controvers change. I totally agree with you that this is something which should be on the list, but my doubts are about the managing of soldiers. If you completely have to reassign a new team for every wave with 2 chinooks than you will solely spend 20 minutes ONLY (!) on managing soldiers. This might be too much, as much as i think your idea is good the game doesnt really allow it. After all this is Xenonauts and not XCom where you select abilities and 2 kinds of grenades for every soldiers and thats it. I can safely say that not any new version will launch within the next month. There is also the dedicated tester version available but i think i have my hands full. Dont play hard Ironmann, make it a free Ironmann. Saving in the game is easier than having to make backups on your desktop.
  13. If zombify on hp death would be possible it would be in X-Division. I do see the same problem but not an easy straightforward solution. The main problem i have is that right now Terror UFOs are incredibly easy to get shot down with suicide runs. Just launch 6 bombers and it will get shot down. Or launch 9, its basically just a matter of numbers, not skill. And the losses are minimal. The main disadvantage about enabling permanent destruction of planes is that it demotivates experimenting, since that would mean a lot of destroyed planes, and your campaign can only sustain that much destroyed airplanes to stay alive. And i REALLY want to motivate you to experiment. The other issue that the mod is already as hard as it is. I havent seen a single youtuber get into phase 2 yet, and ... thats just the tutorial. A possible solution would be to increase the recovery time for destroyed airplanes to 16 days. This would really hurt but still give you the option to manually decommission an aircraft and make a new one if you wish so, but you would also loose all the valuable equipment which you didnt recover yet. OR you simply wait 16 days and get everything back. As much as this sounds reasonable it would alienate most players from getting experience, so i think this might be something you should change on your own. in the gameconfig <recoverTime value="96" comment="Hours needed to recover an airplane from 0% to 1% (Above 1% will use repairRate)" /> change the value to 384 hours for 16 days. Mayne i will increase the hours a bit. Thank you for your support .
  14. Did you follow step 5 of the installation instrunction ? Was the video helping you ?
  15. Because people didnt like to be outsmarted by an AI, they wanted to win, easy and straightforward. EDIT: Challenge - yes, but only in moderation and only as big as the average player is smart enough to handle it.
  16. @krolyn X-Division unlocks a lot of this potential again, where aliens, melee and ranged are effectively working together to destroy you in the most efficient manner possible, thats why some people say its hard. Most X-Com games revolve around that individualistic alien overpowered units and weak humans who have to work "intelligently" in a team to overcome the odds. In X-Division they are overpowered AND work together as good as they can. But this concept wasnt received well during X1 development, because people thought this wasnt fun, thuse the downtuning.
  17. No, aliens do get bonuses the hp/accuracy/increased stats on higher difficulties like in any other game to give the illusion of an increase in difficulty, but that wasnt my point. Let me give you an example: The downtuning was in "teamwork" and "swarm intelligence" rather than it stats gain. At least thats what i think, i could be wrong. I dont have that much insight into the development of X1.
  18. Below the Medals there is a text saying Dropship Assignement, and next to it is a dropdown menu. Give more information about what happens when the game locks up. I mean dont use the delete button.
  19. ? All items on the ground should be automatically looted at the end of the battle, the only exception are xenonaut "grenade" and "ammo" items, including melee ones, those you need to collect manually again. Reportedly yes, althoug there is no hard evidence. Supply runs will increase the speed of the invasion for sure though. Esc > Options Nowwhere, its more like dieing and learning ^^.
  20. 3.3 Troubleshooting This mod is %98 stable. If you got any weird problems like aliens without guns, strange visual errors, game crashes, they should be about wrong install or mod loader issues. Be sure that you got X:CE, X-Division and X-Division Patch is installed and then come to our topic with your save game and we will help you. Sincerely yours, Drages NEVER USE THE MODLOADER DELETE BUTTON, ITS BUGGED AS HELL. Rather delete the mod folder from your mods/... folder directory. If you have a subscribed workshop mod then unsubscribe first then manually delete the folder in your mods/... directory. I think i got a bug, can you help me ? If you want some help when you make a bug report or think that something is not the way it is supposed to be, add full screenshots of your whole modloader and your savegame ( geoscpae only ).
  21. See there is a reason why i write something into the OP
  22. @Dub If you just want to finish the mission: As a general rule never patch something during GC. No.
  23. 3.3 Troubleshooting This mod is %98 stable. If you got any weird problems like aliens without guns, strange visual errors, game crashes, they should be about wrong install or mod loader issues. Be sure that you got X:CE, X-Division and X-Division Patch is installed and then come to our topic with your save game and we will help you. Sincerely yours, Drages NEVER USE THE MODLOADER DELETE BUTTON, ITS BUGGED AS HELL. Rather delete the mod folder from your mods/... folder directory. If you have a subscribed workshop mod then unsubscribe first then manually delete the folder in your mods/... directory. I think i got a bug, can you help me ? If you want some help when you make a bug report or think that something is not the way it is supposed to be, add full screenshots of your whole modloader and your savegame ( geoscpae only ). First, calm your tits, second, thats wrong. @Suave What you are describing is quite wrong, the race which creates a GC gets set when the UFO spawns, so no amount of loading a GC nets you a different race. The same should apply for Terror Sites. @Fenoftal Everytime you engage an alien base a random race gets selected. Thats just how Xenonauts works.
  24. 4. Known Bugs ( at least until the next patch ) MAG Minigun - You can follow the current development here: Thank you !
  25. The only thing that triggered me was that semi-full-conversion-mod. And this isnt something for me, but rather Solver. And he said he fixed and refixed it again and again, so dunno, its kinda low on the bug list. One thing to notice here also would be to see if the bug happens without loading a GC save, as these are way more stable than loaded ones. Since i dont have an clear read on it i wont touch it. Like, if anything has priority than it would be the buggy way the game loads a GC save, after that we could look into what is happening there if the bug is still exists. I also know a variant which might be related, so we might fix this without even looking at it. The fastest way is always to start at teh beginning. All reports help.