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  1. Hey maera! We care all the ideas and happy to see a girl here too. For air game, I can advise to use easy air game autosolve mode. It comes with Xdivision, just enable it and use autosolve at air fights. Don't forget to bring as much as many planes to the fights, max 3. For map and ufo sizes, there is nothing we can do about this. To create a new ufo you need to have serious pro 3d modelers and ppl who knows how to integrate it to the game. And we don't have map maker at the team. There is smaller maps for small ufos because you can find enemies and ufo faster. It would be hard to find 1 or 2 alien in a huge map per little ufo. Ufopedia explanations is another problem because we don't have any one left to write about 1000 entries. For the difficult, you should watch some videos about tactics. The mod is hard. You can play at easy, which is hard too so don't worry.
  2. This could be good addition but then it would be easy to just camp at landing craft and kill aliens easily. And landed ufos should have their weapons too because of balance. Dunno..
  3. If 15 plane needs to attack to an UFO, it should have at least 4x size of a battleship from X-1.. it's very cool.. i liked that.. but you need to have at GC too.. i still liked that idea for more bigger ufos like dreadnought and mothership classes..
  4. Don't forget that, you can give those perks to the aliens to make them more special, more variety at battlefield.. so even same single aliens could have very different with different randomized perks.. Perks are big win..
  5. Terror from the deep got many cool ufo types even it has fully destroyable parts. This likes legos.. You can create anything from legos.. sometimes you can create anything from the most default lego bricks.. But sometimes you need to use some special bricks to create much more cooler look. For this reason LEGO sometimes uses very rare bricks which you can't find at any other sets. I try to say, create cool models but make them modular and create all of your ufos with those modules. This will help to modders and you when you want to make any DLC or expansion. I modded every bit of X-1 but the only part i could not touch was the UFO's because of there is no way to create that kind of things as a modder. If you made them moduler, we could find a way to create something with the same style. Don't make them ultra complex please.. Modular and cool..
  6. Reapers: Zombify when they killed someone, not at first touch. Not just one shot even a mech armour on it. This damaged the game badly and gave us very hard times at modding for variations. Wraiths: Fade is great idea but teleport was cool too.. some higher rank ones can have it. Androns: Making a robotic based enemy as hardest one is not so good idea for me. Yeah i like androns.. but fighting against a robotic thread covers all the alien invasion spirit. I would like to have Psyons as arc enemy for some reasons.. because they are more symbolic for invasion scenarios. Give them some tech things.. like energy shields.. bad ass energy weapons.. Add big aliens please.. big melee aliens.. bigger reaper kind of things.. something to fear us.. like u said with reaper..
  7. Modding should not be so user-friendly always. Having everything soft-coded is much more important then a user firendly tools.. so even a tool cannot help you at every layer, we should somehow able to mod the game anyway as it's all soft coded.. Modding is todays biggest deal. Modding makes your game live forever..
  8. Turn based with many regions to play without planning and building bases.. it looked like a "Risk" to me (as board game). First of all, "turn based" is already a big deal breaker on the game market as i see and hear from forums and other places. So if you make geo turnbased when you got already a turn based ground combat, maybe you can have the interest of old players still but it's hard to touch to new generation. For the radar ranges and the base positions, you are right. But the real problem here is the radar/base mechanic. Nerf the radar ranges of the bases very badly and create mobile/fragile radar like AWAKS.. make them able to fuel the airplanes and so you can have a very logical and fine air chain mechanic. So you can put bases wherever you want but you need to consider where you send your air radars and try to save them with fighters when you deal with ufos.. -------------------- The starting idea is great when Xenonauts is weak. The missions are great. It feels like a real challenge. But losing the default base mechanic and having a base which will be attacked only for once, it's not looking so good. You are adding a losing counter to the game like a time limit and let me remember you, this was the most hated thing at Fraxis X-Com 2.. --------------------- Some of the region retaking methods looked to me a bit politic.. i mean, getting them with money should not something a military defense line would do.. it's much bigger scale. Do we got so much money at first place? Why would i do this when i got baked with real countries anyway? If USA want to get back a region from aliens with money, let him to that.. not over xenonauts.. I try to say that, i will still save the world with 10-20 soldier from an alien invasion.. this is what i want to do in this game.. this region thing should be much simpler.. i should not try to handle all of the world like NATO or UN will do. The scale is much bigger then this game's purpose. --------------------- Those are big changes.. i liked the additions but did not like the changes so much..
  9. There are possibilities with your way of thinking. You can merge the scientists and engineers but still you can have different buildings which makes sense. Because you can't create something on a lab. Labs are only made for mostly prototypes.. So we can still have our buildings but we need to manage our staff more carefully. And i mostly don't like the idea to have 300 non-combatant in a military base with 10-20 soldiers.. i would like to have 1/10 of current numbers. Just have 10 scientist rather then 100.. this is a little, secret, military base, not a science facility of umbrella corporation. So you can minimize those crew numbers too. OR you can make it more rich with giving engineers something to research.. let them create something.. for example you talked about unlimited weapons. Create 1 time enginner projects which will make unlimited laser rifles rather then 1 by 1.. give them projects to upgrade ammo and weapons rather then creating new ones at science labs.. so enginners can have a purpose in game rather then sitting and waiting..
  10. You gave a good example about plasma and laser against an andron. But i think you already done it at X-1 base code, which i use it already as resistances and damage types. So rather then adding weapon types to the calculation, you can just use damage types. For example, Andron's could weak against energy weapons, so even a player could have laser weapons when they get the plasma, it will be an update to lasers.. so player could handle androns with early lasers but he will need plasma for late game against much more harder andron types.. even you create this over ballistic and energy, it would give a nice variation to tactical layer. Caesans could weak against ballistic because of their weak bodies, but strong vs energy because their skin?.. Every weapon tier will have a rifle.. a pistol.. a heavier version.. you can't change that.. or why would u change that? But ballistics can have shotguns, energy ones can have beams.. ballistic can have explosive bullets, energies goes for EMP.. laser can have nice sniper rifles, plasmas would have short ranged burst.. ------------------------ Heavy weapon deployment and choosing mission to use it. To be honest, i don't see a difference to use normal alenium and making ammo with them for special heavy weapons.. and what is an advanced weapon? is a simple laser weapon advanced? or a more rare gattling laser cannon is advanced? I am against unlimited weapons even your ammo is limited. It's not logical.. so if you wait for enough ammo with your system, can i give 10 super advanced weapon to my soldiers suddenly and create havoc for that mission? so won't be an even very hard alien fortress ultra easy with this setup?.. i think even ammo is limited, the weapons should be limited and hard to obtain it. Hard mission.. it's another question. When there is battleships everywhere, won't every mission be hard? You need to give us variety about missions so we can notice the difficulty between them. ------------------------ I think ammo should stay in the game too, with options. I mean, you are right to lose the earth because you missed one M-16 magazine but sometimes it's what could happen. Unlimited ammo just makes the game more arcade like the wait and get health mechanic at FPS games. And having different type of ammos at battlefield and able to use them at the different situations was always so nice even at X-Com 1... so you can update your ammo type even you use the same weapon..
  11. Vehicle and soldier balancing is very hard. Very very hard.. because You are right all about the things you said about weapon sizes. Original X-Com vehicles are not an issue of balancing compared to X-1, because SIZE. X-1 vehicles were 3x3 weapon platforms.. X-Com got only little drones even they were 2x2 with limited ammo and armour.. So their weapons are not bigger then heavy weapons at all, but a X-1 tank could have easily a real tank cannon barrel and it's armour with it. I still think, X-2 can handle 2x2 vehicle sets, but still even i was against this idea at first place, i can understand it now. So 1x1 drones can handle the situation IF you can give what it needs, rather then a shallow addition to combat. Those drones should be cool and need to have a purpose. I gave you some ideas earlier about 1x1 drones. Like as a normal dog as scout and good melee attack to non-armored aliens for the beginning of the game. This could fit very nice to the early game. Even you can add an enemy detection to dogs, like a simple radar.. it would be very cool and unique. You can have a flying drone later.. you can create a cyber dog with andron tech mixed, with a little rocket launcher on it (i don't joke). You can make a heavy weapon platform ground drone, tanky one but slow. I think the drones at Afterlight (the last one,i mean).. even they can have 4 minigun, they were slow and easy to target by enemy.. But i would like to see alive or cyber animalistic or more alien type things for drone options rather then having standart boring scouts.. this can add something unique to X-2.
  12. Probably you missed some specialist. You can check the researches.xml file at Xdivision folder. Yes you can hit them with anti missiles.
  13. We don't want to add your XCE files to our mods because it's not right, unrespectful and confusing. So when you return here, we can talk some possibilities around fixes and have a clean xce version..
  14. I don't remember that your minipatch repaired the retake country with that. As charon said, we worked really hard even we lost 2 member (MIA)... We are waiting you publish a version which is working with the new content officially.
  15. But you made us miss you. What can we do without you?! We are waiting your return as charged and ready to create awesome things!