View Full Version : Alien movement - too jerky...

11-07-2011, 20:29
Is there a way around the computers move bouncing around so much? See computer move 1 square, fog of war, move 1 square, fog of war, move 1 square, fog of war. Result is the screen jerks around and you don't really see anything.

11-07-2011, 21:25
I have no idea what the above post means... You might need to clarify if you want some help

11-07-2011, 21:41
You mean the alien movement screen? In the new build the screen focuses on the alien but doesn't move unless he goes off the screen. It's a bit less jerky because of that.

11-11-2011, 12:46
Staying focused on the alien during the alien movement screen should solve that... thanks.

11-11-2011, 13:49
Same thing with the civilians. It makes my eyes water to watch. :)