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  1. How we could implement manual kneeling
  2. How experience is awarded
  3. Implementing manual kneeling (part 2)
  4. Introduction thread!
  5. With Forum change, how will palpha/alpha/beta testing work.
  6. The ultimate objective, the final mission
  7. Flamethrower Mechanics
  8. Training Summary
  9. Configurable equipment loadouts and role badges
  10. Ground Combat Interface Refinements
  11. Increase utility of base defenses
  12. Night Vision Equipment
  13. Chris. Is this what you have in mind for the GUI?
  14. Trully destructable terrain
  15. Chris. Instead of wipe... Freeze the old forums
  16. Unit selection cycling via the mouse wheel
  17. Submit mascot/representative for marketing purposes
  18. What do you want in the wiki?
  19. Multiplayer?
  20. Xenonauts Motto
  21. Forum display / privacy setting
  22. Breaking enemies out of cover.
  23. Forum and threads in separate browser frame?
  24. Real-Time Replays
  25. Psionic mechanics and balance
  26. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  27. More Screenshots of Xenonauts, Please
  28. Mounted weapons, prone, dropship defenses and some other junk from me.
  29. Bugs ... oh and the reporting of such
  30. Numeric keys controlling passage of time
  31. "Tactical marker" placement & related functions
  32. Recruiting soldiers and other personnel
  33. Xenonauts Posters
  34. Key Differences between Xenonauts and UFO AI?
  35. Soldiers gaining experience, increasing stats
  36. Secondary Mission Objectives
  37. Getting attached to your soldiers.
  38. Chris. *Important* Don't alienate the "normal" pre-orders
  39. old forum login gone?
  40. Return of the dead solider! (another one for the nice to have list)
  41. MAC OS X Version
  42. Pre-order Confirmation emails, transaction IDs, and a lack thereof.
  43. 'UFO Detected' Window
  44. OSX Version?
  45. Bug reports?
  46. Formations/Scripted Deployment
  47. Dropships
  48. Reserving AP's
  49. Initial Vision on Tactical Map, Advanced Sensors, etc...
  50. Artillery/Transport Ship Support
  51. Chris , will you play the final version from start to end ?
  52. Second Base
  53. Higher Rank Soldiers Bolster Morale
  54. Mobile Forum Addon
  55. Military ranks
  56. Backblast.
  57. Cover at corners
  58. Customizable soldier "roles"
  59. Is there a manual?
  60. Congratulations on your game guys!
  61. Just Pre-Ordered. You guys are on your way to nailing it.
  62. Old Preorder Sent to Wrong Desura Account
  63. Greetings Earthlings.
  64. A show of good faith
  65. Forum Medals?
  66. Human tech upgrades ?
  67. Turn screens
  68. Any chance of not having to use Desura?
  69. went through the Desura thing... no Xenonauts
  70. Desura Game Version
  71. Is there a way to save game?
  72. Base Defense
  73. Will There Be Changes To The Global Map?
  74. unselect fire option
  75. Okay, what now?
  76. Alien movement - too jerky...
  77. Air combat engage over land
  78. A few thoughts from an X-Com fan
  79. A Question about Desura.
  80. Why do you think the aliens invaded?
  81. A few questions from a TFTD fan
  82. What is your opinion about this music type genre for Xenonauts?
  83. Female Soldiers
  84. Human Enemies from Alien-Allied Nations
  85. Customizable initial base layout
  86. Question about system requirements?
  87. Alien Equipment descriptions
  88. land combat maps
  89. Ground Combat Intro Stage
  90. Soviet Equipment
  91. Afterburners!
  92. How much work is the sprite animation thing?
  93. Dev builds... where?
  94. Blue aliens.
  95. SAMs
  96. Building / tile collapse logic
  97. Alien visible button which squadie can see the alien?
  98. Support for Cyrillic
  99. Turning?
  100. Xenonauts Fanfiction Question
  101. Terror Mission Damage
  102. Alien tactics against increasingly competent Xenonauts forces.
  103. Pre-order package
  104. General V 8.0 Suggestions for improvement.
  105. Legacy Pre-Order and Desura
  106. Final release
  107. Little questions about ambiance sounds...
  108. Multiplayer mode
  109. How will this game work with Alt + Tab ?
  110. army
  111. operatives outlook
  112. Full screen and video resolution settings?
  113. Can scintists die during research?
  114. Shooting through Windows
  115. Cities and area borders on the world map
  116. A couple of suggestions.
  117. Well Impressed with Xenonauts so far!
  118. Implement a Xenowar style AP reserve UI?
  119. Alien Race Story?
  120. Ability to select multiple soldiers at the same time
  121. Ranks
  122. Can radar distance and travel speed be adjusted to make the geoscape more accurate?
  123. Simultaneous turns
  124. Official Geoscape Map Corrections and Additions.
  125. First Impression, key points, etc
  126. Advanced Difficulty Customization
  127. My Assistance
  128. User interface, fonts, and foreign love
  129. New mission types suggestions
  130. Stories within systems in Xenonauts
  131. 'Target Lost' Alert
  132. Personnel in transit / Item purchased in transit
  133. AI
  134. Vote for Xenonauts.
  135. General V8+ Suggestions for improvement.
  136. About the handling of alien corpses and prisoners
  137. Possibly add a progress screen when loading ground combat from Geoscape?
  138. V8.2 Items
  139. How do you play a ground mission?
  140. [V8.2 Main Menu] Checkboxes hard to click
  141. Sending dropship unto a crash site - keeps selecting aircraft annoyance
  142. Two things
  143. mac?
  144. where is the research tree
  145. A couple of suggestions/bugs?
  146. Reaction Fire question
  147. Arme blanche
  148. Do med packs have a max amount of points they will 'give' to a soldier?
  149. Is there a key you can use in game to save a screen shot?
  150. M.I.B. in Xcom
  151. Forum Timeout Question
  152. Xenonaut Stats
  153. Adding More Xenonauts to Ground Combat
  154. [Ground Combat UI] - Weapon targeting/selection improvements.
  155. Downloading v8.3 Question
  156. Storing equipment in transports
  157. PC gamer Podcast 62 - Xenonauts mentioned
  158. [v8.2 training question]
  159. Xenonauts won Indievisibilty award on RockPaperShotgun!
  160. Advertisment through Youtube!
  161. Battle maps / Fighting Areas
  162. Pre-UFO Research Options Thoughts
  163. Inventory UI...AP & General Swapping of Gear
  164. [Ground Combat] Showing AP cost for firing in the bottom-left window.
  165. Main Menu GUI inspiration?
  166. Xenonauts. I love you, I hate you.
  167. What in the world.
  168. Threat Indicator in Ground Combat
  169. Any Idea when a new press release will be ready, waiting to get this for Xmas present
  170. Improving the graphical representation of Soldier Stats
  171. What features would you like in the Funding Thermometer?
  172. Ability to abort a mission
  173. Hey I just got the premium preorder
  174. Variable Maintenance Costs
  175. Modular weapons
  176. Just Pre-ordered...
  177. V8 Balance Changes Required?
  178. Cost of Aircraft and other balancing
  179. The Ability to Redirect Aircraft who are low on fuel
  180. Next tier transports and cover system
  181. Aircraft combat tactic (2 F-17s vs Scout)
  182. Any Eta for a Build with Multilanguage?
  183. Unable to enter scout?
  184. Alien Beam Weapon
  185. Civilian Extraction
  186. Energy Shields
  187. The final fight in a big UFO?
  188. Zooming
  189. Air Combat: Engage after clicking Disengage?
  190. 85HZ refresh rate
  191. There will be Dust, Jungle and Snow Maps? maybe with sound?
  192. Custom suit/official color?
  193. Battle log during ground combat.
  194. Some suggestions regarding aircraft and the geoscape
  195. Aircraft status indicators?
  196. Regimental Names
  197. Saving Action Points
  198. Funding with Kickstarter
  199. Allies
  200. Having trouble with ground missions...
  201. Permission to stream
  202. Xenonauts Fan Script Finished
  203. How do you save?
  204. Hi, New and Curious
  205. 100.000s of sprites; why not realtime render?
  206. Thought on soldier training.
  207. Impressions & Suggestions
  208. Combat GUI Update (feedback please)
  209. Soldier related issues
  210. Selling Acquired Alien Stuff
  211. two inventory-related thingies
  212. [Research] Why do aliens mutilate cows, draw cropcircles and abduct rednecks?
  213. Media permission
  214. question re: cover
  215. Xenonauts is in the exciting list for 2012.
  216. Is this really what I think it is.
  217. My thoughts after playing a few games
  218. Geoscape Events
  219. V8.4 Thoughts
  220. Question regarding Terrain generation
  221. Why Doesn't Goldhawk Have Google Plus Button?
  222. Anti-psi?
  223. How Difficulty Levels Could Work
  224. Difficulty Level Avatar Rank
  225. Any chance of implementing camo armor in this game?
  226. Cut it's wings off.
  227. Night Combat
  228. Capture?
  229. Jet fuel?
  230. Font
  231. Scenarios
  232. New player looking for some general advice...
  233. Early Game Aircraft Suggestion
  234. Base Design
  235. Is it possible to pick up items during a Ground Battle
  236. unlimited ammo/grenades
  237. Is there going to be any melee attacks or knifes?
  238. Is this game at the point were it can be enjoyed as a game yet?
  239. Wine Compatability
  240. Pre-order
  241. Will Throwing be implemented?
  242. JA Online compared to Xeno
  243. Desura's Down
  244. What's yet to come?
  245. 3D World Geoscape
  246. Here's a weird question! How many of you name a soldier after yourself?
  247. Aliens attacking player's base.
  248. Using the Cold War geopolitical setting
  249. Should there be a a tutorial of sorts?
  250. resolutions, pixel ratios and windowed