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  1. Introduction thread!
  2. With Forum change, how will palpha/alpha/beta testing work.
  3. The ultimate objective, the final mission
  4. Increase utility of base defenses
  5. Night Vision Equipment
  6. Chris. Is this what you have in mind for the GUI?
  7. Trully destructable terrain
  8. Chris. Instead of wipe... Freeze the old forums
  9. Multiplayer?
  10. Forum display / privacy setting
  11. Forum and threads in separate browser frame?
  12. More Screenshots of Xenonauts, Please
  13. Bugs ... oh and the reporting of such
  14. Key Differences between Xenonauts and UFO AI?
  15. Secondary Mission Objectives
  16. Chris. *Important* Don't alienate the "normal" pre-orders
  17. old forum login gone?
  18. MAC OS X Version
  19. Pre-order Confirmation emails, transaction IDs, and a lack thereof.
  20. Chris , will you play the final version from start to end ?
  21. Second Base
  22. Mobile Forum Addon
  23. Is there a manual?
  24. Congratulations on your game guys!
  25. Just Pre-Ordered. You guys are on your way to nailing it.
  26. Old Preorder Sent to Wrong Desura Account
  27. Greetings Earthlings.
  28. A show of good faith
  29. Forum Medals?
  30. Any chance of not having to use Desura?
  31. went through the Desura thing... no Xenonauts
  32. Desura Game Version
  33. Is there a way to save game?
  34. Okay, what now?
  35. A few thoughts from an X-Com fan
  36. A Question about Desura.
  37. Why do you think the aliens invaded?
  38. A few questions from a TFTD fan
  39. What is your opinion about this music type genre for Xenonauts?
  40. Female Soldiers
  41. Question about system requirements?
  42. land combat maps
  43. Soviet Equipment
  44. Afterburners!
  45. Dev builds... where?
  46. Blue aliens.
  47. SAMs
  48. Turning?
  49. Xenonauts Fanfiction Question
  50. Pre-order package
  51. Legacy Pre-Order and Desura
  52. Final release
  53. How will this game work with Alt + Tab ?
  54. Cities and area borders on the world map
  55. Well Impressed with Xenonauts so far!
  56. Ranks
  57. First Impression, key points, etc
  58. Stories within systems in Xenonauts
  59. AI
  60. Vote for Xenonauts.
  61. About the handling of alien corpses and prisoners
  62. How do you play a ground mission?
  63. mac?
  64. where is the research tree
  65. Do med packs have a max amount of points they will 'give' to a soldier?
  66. Is there a key you can use in game to save a screen shot?
  67. Forum Timeout Question
  68. Xenonaut Stats
  69. Adding More Xenonauts to Ground Combat
  70. Downloading v8.3 Question
  71. PC gamer Podcast 62 - Xenonauts mentioned
  72. Xenonauts won Indievisibilty award on RockPaperShotgun!
  73. Battle maps / Fighting Areas
  74. Main Menu GUI inspiration?
  75. Xenonauts. I love you, I hate you.
  76. What in the world.
  77. Any Idea when a new press release will be ready, waiting to get this for Xmas present
  78. Hey I just got the premium preorder
  79. Just Pre-ordered...
  80. Aircraft combat tactic (2 F-17s vs Scout)
  81. Unable to enter scout?
  82. Funding with Kickstarter
  83. Having trouble with ground missions...
  84. Permission to stream
  85. Xenonauts Fan Script Finished
  86. How do you save?
  87. Hi, New and Curious
  88. Soldier related issues
  89. question re: cover
  90. Xenonauts is in the exciting list for 2012.
  91. Is this really what I think it is.
  92. Question regarding Terrain generation
  93. Anti-psi?
  94. Capture?
  95. New player looking for some general advice...
  96. Is it possible to pick up items during a Ground Battle
  97. unlimited ammo/grenades
  98. Is this game at the point were it can be enjoyed as a game yet?
  99. Wine Compatability
  100. Pre-order
  101. JA Online compared to Xeno
  102. Desura's Down
  103. What's yet to come?
  104. Here's a weird question! How many of you name a soldier after yourself?
  105. Aliens attacking player's base.
  106. resolutions, pixel ratios and windowed
  107. January crash and premium badge
  108. How do you equip items from the backpack?
  109. Need Help With Use of Avalanches in Air Combat
  110. New Player Question - Pacing and Variety
  111. How to download Xenonauts without using Desura!
  112. Xenonauts is AWSOME !
  113. Assaulting Downed Scout UFOs
  114. possibe to Upgrade to premium pre-order?
  115. Grenade woes
  116. Is tutorial mission planned for final game?
  117. Good job so far...
  118. My 5 cents..
  119. Am I missing something?
  120. Random maps?
  121. Save option inactive?
  122. just a few corrections ;-)
  123. How do you know when there's a new build?
  124. Saving issues
  125. Where do damaged vehicles go?
  126. What do you do whilst in ground combat?
  127. 3D Enviornment rotation and see through walls.
  128. how to access old versions
  129. All my hopes are fulfilled!
  130. My Only Gripe with Xenonauts
  131. Alien power source
  132. Upgrade - Standard to Premium preorder ?
  133. Question about game release + a bonus question
  134. Interacting with the world.
  135. I need to buy the staff a drink
  136. Semi-random maps
  137. The TV in the yard
  138. Couple Questions about the Game and the Dev's Attitudes/Plans
  139. Steam achievements....?
  140. 2 questions about interceptors and ground missions.
  141. What 'IS' planned to be in the Final?
  142. Short queston about work ethics
  143. Gdc 2012
  144. A consept that can bring X-com, Jagged Alliance and other strategy games together?
  145. Immersion: nice job!
  146. A few questions about game making.
  147. been enjoying the game, thanks for making it
  148. Question about items and corpses recovered from ground mission
  149. Xenophobia (wide-ranging discussion and questions on design)
  150. BUILT V9 Review
  151. 30 different weapons - Quantity vs. Quality
  152. Congratulations on your work so far and a suggestion...
  153. Some questions
  154. Multiple Suqad move / Less grind for 'easy' missions
  155. Tank and fighter experience, Psi abilities, and general questions and suggestions.
  156. Why use 1993 - not 1979...
  157. Maybe I'm missing something.....
  158. First impressions - build V9
  159. How does Xenonauts compare to Silent Storm?
  160. Alenium
  161. Thanks, Chris and team. :)
  162. Funding sucks badly or i just dont get it..
  163. Soldier animations
  164. I'm Sad because "Install Tool: Visual Studio 2008 Redist x86 SP1" Won't let me play
  165. Website got injected
  166. Logo on airplane/vehicles?
  167. Training of soldiers is not working!
  168. Scanner movement
  169. Training and perks
  170. Any chance of [a race of black, humanoid crab like aliens] in the game?
  171. What happens after the release?
  172. How about a contest to name one of the alien races?
  173. How do you increase soldier stats in Xenonauts?
  174. Xenonauts for Mac OSX?
  175. Is first plasma rifle autosell a bug?
  176. Installing Xenonauts without Desura.
  177. Fun with AI
  178. Research Tree
  179. I ran out of research!
  180. Premium Pre-order Question
  181. Air combat tips?
  182. Spelling errors: should we post these in bug reports or somewhere else?
  183. Setup Questions
  184. Is there a way to increase the text size of the interface?
  185. How do I capture ships?
  186. Auto Sign in and small bugs in forum
  187. Alien research questions
  188. i know this doenst need ot be said but eh
  189. Hunter "Armor" Value
  190. GROUND COMBAT: friendly NPCs & unique tile sets
  191. Development questions
  192. Where do you put your bases?
  193. Tactical Wargame FB page
  194. Desura news should probably be updated
  195. Is the Xenonauts currently enjoyable to a complete X-Com noob?
  196. 2000 Forum Members
  197. Having some trouble connecting my pre-order to Desura
  198. Random name fun
  199. I bought the game more than 1 year ago...
  200. Preorder
  201. Questions on game
  202. regarding Desura
  203. Threads with brackets or plus symbols in the title do not work.
  204. Think I found a solution for the 404s
  205. Futuristic Weapons, Armors and Planes?
  206. Having troubles with pre-order
  207. Murphy's Laws in Xenonauts?
  208. New air combat UI
  209. My First hour
  210. GOG.com relaunched to sell also indie titles
  211. How to change in Desura Xenonauts install dir?
  212. Naval Combat and other platforms
  213. Palette swaps?
  214. Research question
  215. First playthrough!
  216. Ground combat mission save game
  217. What's the music like?
  218. IRC Channel?
  219. Oil and why it is an awesome idea.
  220. Zoom out on SPACE panic button
  221. try to release Xenonauts final version much earlier than the new XCOM ENEMY UNKNOWN
  222. Potential Customers
  223. Generic forum bug - can't send annexed files
  224. Missed email to redeem the pre-order on Desura
  225. Misquote on main Xenonauts website
  226. A few research questions
  227. Cycling the Camera All the Way Down
  228. The OG
  229. Unnecessary Praise
  230. Questions about maps and research
  231. What is Ironman Mode?
  232. General Questions (We really need a good faq)
  233. Am I only one sick with comparasion to XCOM?
  234. Website update
  235. Ground combat size?
  236. Chance of not really being dead
  237. Dead soldiers during hidden movement
  238. Questions about 9.5
  239. A thank you to Goldhawk
  240. 9.5 3 ground battles, 6 kills, no injuries, no Experience
  241. Current XP/stat gain system?
  242. What is needed to get lazer weapons?
  243. Too much friendly fire...and some other stuff
  244. Desura install issues
  245. Dropship getting shot down by fighters
  246. Have I reached the current limit of the game?
  247. Windows becomes unresponsive while playing Xenonauts
  248. to the devs: is there a problem if i try to run the game using other alien races ?
  249. Grenades
  250. Are the aliens here to protect Mother Earth?