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  1. X-com eu lp
  2. Xenonauts Fiction
  3. Greatest games of all time (according to you)
  4. Getting to know you ... TV
  5. Some more Fan Fic
  6. Happy Birthday to mendonca
  7. Occupy London and the State of Chris, our Beloved Leader
  8. Knockback Mechanics. [Derailed]
  9. SOTS II release.
  10. Status of Xenonauts and its Release Date
  11. Increase in spam on the forum..
  12. Other awesome, retro styled games
  13. Problems with account
  14. Spoiler tags activated!
  15. "The children of X-Com"
  16. XCOM Delayed
  17. A turn based game to check?
  18. Ur-Quan Masters (Star Control 2) - Project 6104
  19. Skyrim is massive.
  20. What did you think of the SWTOR beta then?
  21. Newbie
  22. Only 28% made it to day 7? Ouch!
  23. Alien Influence
  24. DF Discussion
  25. Prefered Combat Zone
  26. Why I HATE Desura
  27. Merry Christmas all!
  28. Eve online anyone?
  29. Anyone tried Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars?
  30. X-Com Alliance Playable Build
  31. Firaxis Games' XCOM: Enemy Unknown announced!
  32. XCOM: Enemy Unknown Announced
  33. Firaxis' X-COM - a "real" sequel?
  34. Hello from a new born X-com lubber
  35. Which Era of Gameing have you enjoyed the most?
  36. TFTD mods
  37. Hi lO Premium
  38. Why Firaxis is a very serious threat
  39. Short, but very interesting..
  40. X-com: EU remake?
  41. I got X-Com for $1.69!
  42. Greyfiend Released a New Hotfix for UFO:ET mod
  43. SOPA/PIPA protests black out sites to shut down PIPA(SOPA was shut down earlier)
  44. Space Sims anyone?
  45. Pre-order
  46. Julian Gollop, creator of XCOM does not like the two official remakes.
  47. pause
  48. Subforum for German and other Languages?
  49. We stopped SOPA, but ACTA is much worse
  50. Playing together?
  51. RebelStar Tactical Command
  52. Xenonauts Fans in Other Online Communities
  53. Jagged Alliance: Back in Action
  54. Ufo2 Extraterrestrials
  55. Double Fine Raises 1 Million+ Dollars in 24 Hours Via Kickstarter
  56. Just played JA BIA...
  57. What would an XCOM MMOSG be like?
  58. next generation INTEL PROCESSORS?
  59. jagged alliance clones.........
  60. Kickstarter again: webcomic raises 1.2 million dollars
  61. UFO related humour
  62. forum experience
  63. New Member
  64. Roguelikes!
  65. Need help with Desura Purchase
  66. Cookies!!
  67. Waiting for v9.1
  68. Let's Play on YouTube featuring Xenonauts
  69. Wasteland 2 Kickstarter
  70. Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition - No, it's not a kickstarter
  71. Xenonauts leaks in internet!!! WHO is do that?! WTF?!
  72. Legend of Grimrock preorder.
  73. Help with finding old "FFVII like" PC game
  74. Old school type war game.
  75. Fan-art/Mod - stand-alone demo
  76. Path of Exile - Or "How Diablo 3 should have been"
  77. Let's Play X-COM!
  78. Nekro: Yet another kickstarter...but wait...
  79. Penny arcades Extra credit discusses crowdfunding
  80. Waaaagh Carrier command.
  81. I guess I am not the only downloading ...
  82. Role play anyone?
  83. Liveaction fanmade fallout series
  84. Fans of Star Control 2?
  85. Unknow lights observed
  86. The Multiplayer Thread
  87. Lone Survivor - A "psychological survivor adventure game"
  88. Forum not remembering your auto-login?
  89. Pandas don't know the word 'XENONAUT'
  90. Dinosaurs vs. Aliens - Free Comic Book Day
  91. Warlock: Master of the Arcane - Paradox/InoCo's fantasy civ game.
  92. Opensource remake of original X-Com is making progress
  93. "Jagged Alliance - The Alien attack". Somone up for the challenge?
  94. Kickstarter: Chris in a box @5000$?
  95. Torrent file - how many are sharing it?
  96. In celebration of KS funding the valiant Chrisonaut pledges own life to King & Planet
  97. Cannot log on the forums with my pre order account
  98. Kickstarter Bandwidth Usage
  99. WTF is a ticker??!!
  100. Memorable "Aliens" Quotes
  101. nopalea juice drink Nopalea Side Effects - Are There Any?
  102. Major spoilers!!!
  103. X-Com Meets Oblivion and a Dash of Stronghold [ Or Why Are Indie Devs Named Chris?]
  104. Project Zomboid
  105. Conquest 2 Vyrium Uprising
  106. Company of Heroes - 80% off
  107. Suggestion for change in the Forum
  108. Chivalry
  109. Skyjacker
  110. Hurray - free games in the future???
  111. Kickstarter: Kinetic Void
  112. Alex Tomlinson Art - Xenonautesque
  113. Space Quest Spiritual-Successor "SpaceVenture"
  114. If anyone reads Destructoid....
  115. Twitch.tv Let's Fail Xcom!
  116. The Truth is in Here. New evidence linking Xenonauts to UFO conspiracy...sorta
  117. Dead State - Zombie Survivial RPG on Kickstarter
  118. My new video introduction for upcoming youtube videos.
  119. Sword of the stars 2
  120. Malevolence - The Infinite RPG
  121. What will happen after Kickstarter...
  122. New Rig
  123. Am I the only one...
  124. Prometheus
  125. Silent Storm Gold Edition Finally Available from GoG
  126. Have you seen Francis?
  127. Achtung Panzer Complete Pack for $20 before June 26th
  128. civilization v gods and kings
  129. Article about game design and underlying behavioral principles
  130. How many military types are there on this board?
  131. Other Promising Crowd Funded Projects
  132. July 4th XCOMness
  133. Tw: Rome ii
  134. On the perils of Brighton
  135. Chris's Non-US Kickstarter Guide
  136. A noob beeing a noob by asking noobish questions.
  137. Revival thrill
  138. Do video games need a "big finish"?
  139. Don't take the train if you're going to London next week
  140. Moving away from the digital media a bit...
  141. Forum thing: What's the Centurion achievement?
  142. MechWarrior Online
  143. StarDrive 4x strategy real-time with active pause AWESOME!
  144. Can anyone reccomend a webcam?
  145. Given the recent scourge of bots on this forum
  146. Xenonaut Action Figure Design
  147. how to get the icon Premium Preorder?
  148. Alternative Rock in London
  149. You are magic, aren't you Trumpy?
  150. Will crowdfunding ever replace publishers are the predominant source of game-funding?
  151. I used to read a lot of comics....
  152. Forge by dark vale games. MMO PVP without RPG leveling up. (on kickstarter)
  153. shoes question mostly
  154. So you say you want a revolution?!
  155. A question for Aleksi
  156. Neil Armstrong
  157. Expeditions Conquistador
  158. Anyone affected/know anyone affected by hurricane Issac?
  159. A 2d revolution!
  160. 4 games for $1 or 9 games for $7.18 - offer valid for 15 days
  161. Conclave: Old-school RPG'ing for those that don't have time
  162. The logistics of Gun Porn. (Or: how much is enough?)
  163. Black Mesa going Live in 11 days
  164. Knife wrench!
  165. Diaspora - The free Battlestar Galactica space sim
  166. I wish this guy existed.
  167. Great stuff on Desura?
  168. Chaos Chronicles - new oldschool turn based RPG
  169. Is there a place for thread necromancy?
  170. For any ARMA players, two Bohemia Interactive employees have been arrested
  171. FRAY: a cautionary tale for Indie developers?
  172. FTL, man, what a gas.
  173. Borderlands 2
  174. XCOM Enthusiast age groups
  175. X-Nauts vs. Xeno-Com
  176. Torchlight 2 - co-op and such...
  177. Underrail
  178. The weapon modification to defeat the aliens...
  179. Starship Corporation
  180. Demo Available Xcom UE
  181. Nexus 2 On Kickstarter
  182. M.O.R.E. - 4x turn-based space strategy on Kickstarter
  183. FPS XCOM may no longer be FPS!?!
  184. History of Julian Gollop and XCOM
  185. General Fanart Thread
  186. ftl
  187. Memorable Soldiers
  188. best iphone insurance
  189. Aliens vs Humans: XCOM clone on the ipad
  190. Change the forums date display format?
  191. Enjoyed Baldur's gate? - check out Project Eternity
  192. The official XCOM:UFO DEFENSE thread.
  193. Haz u gots Carrier Command?
  194. Games For Lonely People
  195. VOIP Maddness?
  196. Xcom Gamecentral review
  197. wingcomander
  198. Jail sentences for making innapropriate comments?
  199. BBC article
  200. From the Desk of Lt. C. Stone - Mission Report: Echo-One Tango Zero One Niner
  201. New forum member
  202. X-COM: Interceptor
  203. Green name?
  204. Spaaaaace!
  205. Three Musketeers?
  206. Thw Pit and SOTS2
  207. bioshock infinite new trailer
  208. Ascendancy
  209. If you are a fan of Carcassonne or other tile-based games please check this out!
  210. PAX Australia 2013
  211. Thoughts of the pirate on Piracy thread
  212. Carbines
  213. [Game design] Letting rewards get in the way of gaming.
  214. The X-FILES
  215. Contemplating the balance of pressure on players
  216. my guilty pleasure fps xcom ,pleas don't hit me :(
  217. the pitch video for the new xcom game looked more lika horror game then
  218. Achivement: Stockholm syndrome
  219. What music intrest you?
  220. To everyone who will be affected by Hurricane Sandy.
  221. UFO Extraterrestrials 2 seems to have fallen off the map
  222. Julian Gollop Interview
  223. Star wars 7 is coming 2015
  224. ufo extraterrestial gold offer
  225. wasteland 2 kickstarter project
  226. Alliance X
  227. Sui Generis - what do you think?
  228. xenonauts fan film
  229. Elite: Dangerous on Kickstater
  230. What does Obama's re-election mean for Xenonauts
  231. Help Fund Star Citizen
  232. Forum question: How to identify moderators
  233. Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption, from the Quest for Glory creators
  234. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Video Games (link to a comic)
  235. Found any really interesting games on steam's Greenlight you'd like to share?
  236. Maia on Kickstarter
  237. Threejumps, please clean out your inbox.
  238. A guide to software development (humor, webcomic)
  239. Great looking new turn-based game
  240. 'Epic' Theatrical Trailer
  241. Forum avatar
  242. Kickstarter goodies
  243. Endless Space - Steam sale - is it worth buying?
  244. N00b opinion on XCOM:EU vs. XCOM:UD vs. Xenonauts
  245. teaser for a indie comic skull and shark and the teaser is amazing
  246. Fanart Gallery (for pics and links to pics ONLY!!)
  247. How do I add my preorder status to my profile?
  248. UNDERRAIL is out
  249. Xenonauts 2: Terror From the Deep crossover potential
  250. XCOM 2012: Anyone played on both Normal and Classic?