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  1. Mapping FAQ and Basics
  2. Map Editor
  3. Thumbnails for the level editor?
  4. Spectre Posting
  5. Quartermaster Maps
  6. Sub-Map Editor
  7. Soapmode Maps
  8. Tiling Grass
  9. How useful is it to create submaps / levels right now?
  10. Мaps
  11. Less obstructed taget maps
  12. Kickstarter
  13. why nobody creates maps?
  14. Ideas Thread
  15. Maps Made With Kickstarter Version
  16. Infested Inc.
  17. Random tiled maps?
  18. 201 levels for the alpha
  19. Mapping Contest?
  20. Integrate community sub-maps into release by voting about them
  21. UFO from the nineties
  22. Farm stuff
  23. Sub-Map Editor windowed mode
  24. Map List
  25. One map per week
  26. Mapping Guidelines
  27. Map competition proposal
  28. It's the Stinky's terrible maps thread.
  29. problem testing soviet terror site
  30. Flash's maps
  31. Cross tile set props request
  32. MM Maps
  33. New custom submaps
  34. Level Editor Fix
  35. fun with stairs
  36. Community Map Pack
  37. Terror Town
  38. How to map and submap in Xenonauts
  39. Number of Aliens per map
  40. Updated Tiles / Maps - 06/06/2013
  41. Modern Urban crashsite maps --- the one map type this game needs very badly
  42. Request: Randomized Maps
  43. Farm Gas Station
  44. Hey Guys, New to This Section
  45. every time the same map. That sucks
  46. Slight Error in one of the Community Maps?
  47. The maps
  48. Help the noob :L
  49. how much cover is acceptable
  50. Middle East Desert Abode stairs...Fixed
  51. Custom tile And Movement Cost
  52. lemmbase - lemm's Alien Base Layouts
  53. valkyrie dropship placement....
  54. How do teleporters work?
  55. Apocalypse style maps?
  56. Question about MapEditor and SubmapEditor
  57. Map
  58. So, I'm trying to fiddle about with ufo submaps....
  59. The New Mapping Guidelines
  60. How do I set a submap to have damaged tiles?
  61. To The Max! (Light scout maps our speciality)
  62. Does anyone know where the /town/ground/ tiles are?
  63. height levels?
  64. Skitso's Desert map collection
  65. Skitso's Middle East map collection
  66. WHAT exactily is a submap?
  67. Forest Maps?
  68. Skitso's Farm map collection
  69. Do different map packs work together?
  70. Industrial Map Bug
  71. Skitso's Industrial map collection
  72. UFO transparency
  73. Chemlight issue (again :) and "greenhouse"
  74. Drone inside container and the later rubble
  75. Unpacked Game Tiles - Required for Mapping!
  76. Help needed!
  77. Sprite Atlas and New/Copied Sprite Assets
  78. (Sort of) Random Maps!
  79. I've got a brand new prop, but it doesn't work!
  80. The Parking Lot (occasional new vehicle props for mappers)
  81. Not a modder. Just wanted to say thanks to you guys.
  82. Skitso's Ultimate Megamix Map Pack
  83. Map Size
  84. would it be possible to include custom maps in regular gameplay (Singleplayer)
  85. Khall's Tundra Tileset
  86. Unofficial Community Mapping Patch
  87. Is it possible to mod the geoscape
  88. Mapping questions/answers
  89. Trying to make map tiles
  90. Sub-map Editor needs a fix for 768 widesceen users
  91. I'll realise your map idea
  92. files needed!!
  93. New Tileset Art discussion
  94. Adding new tilesets
  95. Updating Tropical Tileset
  96. dirty thoughts (about maps)
  97. Cars can't be totally destroyed.
  98. shipping container roofs
  99. Linked submaps (submaps using other submaps)
  100. Is there a quickbattle function?
  101. Dipping my toe in the water...
  102. Anyone know where the spectres for pre-existing submaps are?
  103. Understanding hybrid submaps
  104. Crash-able cars when heavy units passed
  105. New Dropship Based on Valkyrie
  106. Additional UFO interiors