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  1. Modding: Engine Support Wishlist
  2. [V8.4] Modding the Machinegun's ClipSize for 5 Bursts
  3. [V8.5] Weapon Balance Mod V1.0
  4. [V8.5] ANZAC soldiers
  5. Weapon Editor - The Quartermaster's Armory
  6. [v8.61] Israeli Soldiers (Need Help With Names)
  7. Iron Sky
  8. Cursors in 3D
  9. Xtended Soldiers Backgrounds
  10. Modding Team
  11. New Face Mod needs Blank Face for Xenonauts Infantry Models
  12. Aircraft file - question about it
  13. [MOD ] More aggressive fighter
  14. v9.31 - unable to modify xml files
  15. Hunter with primary and secondary weapons (Rocket Launcher/ .50 Cal Machinegun)
  16. 9.4 Fix for xenonauts using weapons.
  17. Making new soldiers not suck (need help)
  18. [V9.5.1 - Adding Heavy Fighter and Bomber weapons]
  19. Adding items
  20. development of the visual tree!
  21. Soviet Weapons
  22. Flashbangs & Fatigue
  23. Adding Armour
  24. TCs anyone?
  25. Potential Geo-political Mod
  26. Modding the story/ final battle
  27. Female mod
  28. Playable drone test
  29. Smoke grenade and flare launchers for vehicles
  30. Possible female Civilian mod?
  31. Geopolitical Mod
  32. More weapons
  33. How to Add a New Type of Smoke/Gas (Smoke Grenade Example)
  34. Where are Tech Descriptions?
  35. Is it possible to mod the tactical AI?
  36. Toolset?
  37. Is it possible to modify soldier's stats in any way?
  38. Potential Storyline Mod - Coldest War
  39. Tweaking ballistic weapons in build v12 and onward.
  40. Soldier ratios?
  41. New weapon sprites - AKS-74U
  42. All male/all female soldiers
  43. Suggestion: Allienance: Wrath of the Xenonauts
  44. Aircraft Weapon Layouts Question
  45. Adding more scouts and less fightercraft
  46. Xenolith Mod Hosting
  47. My try at adding a new weapon to the current build.
  48. Extended Female Names & Strings
  49. Has anyone had any luck making several types of ammo for a single weapon type?
  50. Additional Events
  51. Where can I find the formula for range vs. accuracy (aka to the to hit chart)
  52. What does "mitigation" mean in the weapon xml?
  53. Buckshot mod for shotgun
  54. Buckshot beta ready
  55. More realistic gunpowder weapons v 1.0
  56. Icon Xenonauts
  57. Is There a Way to Add New Weapons Using the Game Mods Method?
  58. MP5 Images
  59. QM's More Ballistic Weapons Mod
  60. Aircraft loadouts
  61. upgraded solid shell projectiles?
  62. Manufacturing Times
  63. Has any one come up with a good way to keep mods up with version changes?
  64. [REL]Geoscape dark blue water
  65. Save Game editor
  66. Realistic Aircrafts mod v1.0
  67. Replacement Geoscape
  68. I've been trying to work out how "escort chance" is determined...
  69. Will it be possible to mod out air combat?
  70. Window Vaulting mod
  71. Do rocket launchers work with changed magazine sizes?
  72. vehicle gfx
  73. Changing Ranks
  74. JA2-style customization?
  75. a modest proposal
  76. Unlocking Soviet weapons?
  77. Does levelsetup_quickbattle.xml not control quick battles?
  78. Armed civilians mod (crashites only atm)
  79. Double crew
  80. Roles - Alternate Images
  81. LightSpeed(laser weapon projectile speed)
  82. Game Text - Forever getting smaller
  83. Mod Idea USCMC
  84. Creepers pack
  85. Mod List
  86. Messing about with the HeavyWeaponMovePenalty function
  87. Skirmish mode. and Battlescape Weather Effects.
  88. Quickbattle Xenonaut Squad
  89. Mod Request - Helicopter Air Support
  90. Can we mod in faces?
  91. Any idea when the game will be in a state that creating mods would be safe?
  92. Exract .pfp archives
  93. Got my archive question asnwered, now the next logical question...
  94. Revamp of air combat graphics
  95. Using the Accuracy Equation to Modify a Weapon
  96. Questions about the "soldiernames.xml" variables
  97. Tank
  98. Prototype German strings.xml / Prototyp für deutsche strings.xml
  99. Uprated armour types
  100. how do you modify aircraft price?
  101. Editing Money
  102. XML File Balance Mods
  103. [Mod] More Shotguns
  104. More Vision Mod [18.3]
  105. How is the alloy/alenium amount gained from crashes calculated?
  106. Improved Light Scout and Scout Mod [V18.1 HF 2 and 18.3 HF 2]
  107. [Mod] True laser beam
  108. How to create a mod ?
  109. DM_Mod V1 for Build V18.3.1 (Ranks, Role decals, Medal ribbons)
  110. Little mod I whipped up.
  111. erutan's roles icon pack (17 roles woot)
  112. How can I increase alien numbers on the battlescape?
  113. Little Mod V2
  114. WG Mod
  115. Xenonauts configuration files
  116. Little Mod V3
  117. Long Range Mod (another sight mod)
  118. Timelines Geoscape mod
  119. Modifying tiles
  120. Modding problems,possible bugs
  121. XCOM Heavy Cannon goes Xenonauts
  122. [Mod] Special Weapons
  123. Having difficulty adding custom sounds
  124. Projectiles images replacement test
  125. Tools I have found useful in modding
  126. Why does the M9 resist modifying?
  127. Max's warehouse of the Unusual and the Strange
  128. [Ideas/Planning]Gear Expansion Mod - And Possibly More to Come
  129. Little Mod V4
  130. How do you change how much money you start with?
  131. Alien Class Analysis Mod
  132. Random Maps
  133. Can the moraleDamage and loseAp variables be more generally available?
  134. Best mod/sets of mods recommendation for a newcomer
  135. Alter funds or solider stats in a saved game??
  136. Mods I've made for pacing, balance, and fun.
  137. Is it possible to MOD this?
  138. Adding new weapons
  139. Missing or inaccessible base map files
  140. Disabling Nightmissions?
  141. Altering string files.
  142. File Help
  143. Manufacture cost mod
  144. I was playing about with the flamethrower bullettype (request for functionality)
  145. Newbie Modding Questions
  146. Little Mod V5
  147. Modding Aircraft cost and build time?
  148. Manufacturing request.
  149. Name Modding and Chance Value Question
  150. Modding soldier rank
  151. How do I set the graphics for a new rank of alien?
  152. How many rescources are there to play with for xenonaughts?
  153. [Ground Combat] Stinky Alien Weapon Variants
  154. Doing some minor changes, little help?
  155. What asset would you say is most likely to cause a barracks screen crash?
  156. Vehicle modding
  157. AK-47 and MP5K Mini-Mod
  158. Is an auto-bleed property possible to be added for use by modders
  159. Little Mod V6
  160. Zombie mod problem.
  161. Walrus's Tactical Ballistic Expansion, Prerelease.
  162. Walrus's Tactical Ballistic Expansion, V1: Tier 1 Ballistic EXPLOSION VRROOOOOOM!
  163. Savegame editor?
  164. Custom Starting Base layout
  165. Idea for Allowing Multiple Ammo Types in the GUI (without too drastic a change)
  166. How to get superduperuber soldiers after 1 mission...
  167. Trauma Kits [Saving those who would otherwise Die]
  168. [UI] Aufklarer's Soldier Role Images
  169. Arsenal Mod Thread
  170. Xenonauts: Marine Edition
  171. Help on Research mod
  172. Question: How do I correctly change the soldier rank icon in the ground combat?
  173. [Question] What are the files for setting up or modify the Fog of War properties?
  174. Can territories be modded?
  175. [V18 Stable Steam] Issue with GC and modding weapons
  176. Looking for feedback on a new style of art asset.
  177. Looking for art assets assistance
  178. .dll release
  179. Simple XP Mod - toning down wierd powerlevelling
  180. Cant find some xml
  181. sorry..i fell me stupid...
  182. Does AddDamageBonus stack?
  183. Recoil, and what it means to weapon modders.
  184. V1Full of the Walrus Tactical Balisitc expansion: Art, XP, and recoil update.
  185. Looking for a good sound effects on the internet.
  186. New Xenonaut Rank Names and Images (artists, please help with images)
  187. Adding custom music files
  188. "Wait no more" bullets.
  189. "True Xenonaut" Rank Names and Images
  190. Feasibility of multiple "weapons" on a single gun?
  191. Hero: Custom Portraits Mod
  192. Combat Rating instead of Rank mod
  193. Armalite AR-10
  194. Adding Burst Fire Modes not possible?
  195. Jsleezy's Real Fighter Portrait Pack - Preview
  196. How to mod Aircraft?
  197. Anyone modding combat sprites?
  198. Greande Issues
  199. Alien stats
  200. Edit cover
  201. Modding Grenades: Delay and Throwing Arc?
  202. Jsleezy's Real Armors
  203. Suppression / Bravery Question
  204. WATBE 1.1, The Sadomasochist editon! Now with 100% more "Doesn't crash on GC."
  205. Getting Aliens to Fire from Long Ranges?
  206. carrying over some time units to the next round
  207. Mod Archive
  208. Weapon and Suppression Balance Mod
  209. Max's Grease Pit (Vehicle custom jobs are our speciality!)
  210. Turning OFF overdamage on grenades and RPG's
  211. XML help
  212. Undocumented Code?
  213. Weapon range modding = lockups
  214. [UI] SteelSoldier Role Images
  215. Unifying Mods
  216. Modding Building Costs
  217. Quasi-Realism (Alpha) (Balance Mod for 1.0x)
  218. Shotgun Pellets on Grenades
  219. Changing starting roles
  220. Breaching Charge (for 19.7)
  221. Kabill's Air Combat Balance Mod
  222. Hidden Movement screen getting on the way?
  223. Jsleezy's Real Fighter Portrait Pack
  224. Need help, How do I make certain enemies come from start of game, or force show them?
  225. gas_gc question
  226. Modding sound question
  227. Modding balance changes - attempt 1
  228. Log files?
  229. How could I mod research and manufacture times
  230. Modding rank
  231. What have you modded and how has it turned out?
  232. Some questions about hardcoding (Over water+Geoscape)
  233. Inquiry: adding Alien Missions?
  234. Balistic weapon names.
  235. Ufo Mission Analysis
  236. How deep is Xenonauts moddable?
  237. Armor modding question
  238. Modding tools in Launcher Question
  239. [MOD] Swap "set equipment as default loadout" and "equip default loadout" on soldier
  240. Savegame location
  241. Xtranauts MegaMod? - A compilation of select Xenonauts Mods and Map Packs
  242. New RoleIcons
  243. Add a country to soldierbackgrounds
  244. New Rank icons
  245. Jsleezy's Real Fighter SOUNDS
  246. Edit in new types of Weapon Hardpoints for planes?
  247. Supplying you guys with all new custom sprites
  248. More fighters in combat Mod - Does it exist?
  249. Stinky's sandpit (Fighting against passive AI.)
  250. Any no panic mods?